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Sep 22, 2012
Monday, 25 January

James Bracken: author of Che Boludo![The Argentimes]
Mixing up your ‘boludos’ with your ‘bondis’? Can’t find ‘quilombo’ in your dictionary? Wondering why the grumpy bus driver just told you to ‘walk to your mother’s shell’? We’ve all been there, stutter...

Retiro: Picking Up a Package[The Buenos Aires Life]
Hi! So, I recently got a sweet comment from someone complimenting me on the blog and saying that my how-to stuff on colectivos/paying bills was really helpful, which made me feel all warm and fuzzy in...

Colonia Del Sacramento…Sucks? Why You Shouldn’t Go to Colonia[A Gringo in Buenos Aires]
An excerpt from a facebook wall conversation I had with a friend as I sat in a café in Colonia diddling around with my iPhone…. I forgot my drivers license so I couldn&#82...

Summer in Buenos Aires[LandingPadBA]
Summer in Buenos AiresJanuary is coming to an end and here in Buenos Aires school’s out for summer. Well, let’s be honest. Schools are taking a break, along with businesses, progress and rules. Now is...

Argentine Peso Rally to End as Government Seeks Cash[Business Week]
The four-month rally in the Argentine peso is poised to end because the government will seek a weaker exchange rate to boost payments of profits from central bank foreign reserves, Morgan Stanley said.

Sunday, 24 January

Taxi Scams[LandingPadBA]
In Buenos Aires, it is almost impossible to avoid taking a taxi at some point during your stay. Actually, you will probably be using them quite often. The subte (subway) and colectivos (buses) are mo...

Brazil returns Operation Condor suspect to Argentina[BBC]
Brazil has extradited to Argentina a former army colonel charged there with human rights abuses dating back to military rule during the 1970s.

Saturday, 23 January

How to Survive a Futbol Match in Buenos Aires[Tourist2townie Blog]
I decided to take a page out of Kate Hudson' s book and create a " How To " guide for futbol fans who want to attend a match here in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
This is the first...

Friday, 22 January

A detective's guide to Buenos Aires architecture[Global Post]
Wander the neighborhoods of Buenos Aires and it's hard not to wonder about the mix of architecture. The house next door, the corner pizza parlor, even parking garages have features that tickle the curiosity.

10 Things Not to Say While in Buenos Aires[A Gringo in Buenos Aires]
When we’re in our own country, and speaking in our native language, tactfulness and saying what we mean are things that come naturally to us (…well, most of us). But expat life in Argentina i...

Thursday, 21 January

More info about buying real estate in Buenos Aires[LandingPadBA]
As a follow up to our first article about buying property in Buenos Aires, we thought we’d bring in a ringer. In this brief legal overview of buying real estate here in Buenos Aires, lawyer and ...

Wednesday, 20 January

The 5 best American Brunch Spots in Buenos Aires[A Gringo in Buenos Aires]
It’s inevitable that living the expat life means foregoing some of the things you ordinarily like to do. Be that as it may, some things are sacrosanct. Reliable broadband is one, and another…...

Tuesday, 19 January

How to Spend a Weekend in Tigre[A Gringo in Buenos Aires]
Most people are well aware of Tigre as a great day trip from Buenos Aires. I would take it a step further and say it is the perfect weekend trip. Either a two day/two night or two day/one n...

Argentina Airport "Reciprocity Fee" @ EZE[Tourist2townie Blog]
(Here's a heads up so you don't arrive in Buenos Aires surprised like Clark Griswold at Wally World) For those reading this in the states and thinking about making the trip down ...

Growing up in the midwest, lunch was virtually always a sandwich. Even to this day I tend to prefer that for l...

Monday, 18 January

Dakar 2010: Argentina & Chile[Tourist2townie Blog]
Right before the New Years festivities I was running down towards the Parks of Palermo and I noticed a huge event going on. There were hundreds of people lined up along a blocked off street ...

Beaches in Buenos Aires[A Gringo in Buenos Aires]
Since most porteños have neither the time or the resources to take extended vacations during the summer, the Government of the City of Buenos Aires decided it would bring the beach to the cit...
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