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Sep 22, 2012
Thursday, 29 January

The Well-heeled Friends of Art[Buenos Aires, City of Faded Elegance]
A few days still remain to catch the Amigos del Arte exhibition at MALBA . (… till February 9.)
Curators Patricia M. Artundo y Marcelo E. Pacheco have excelled at the extraordinary challen...

Women Keep Disappearing[UpsideDownWorld.org]
In Argentina alone, around 400,000 people are victims of trafficking for sexual or labor exploitation, and the situation seems to get worse both in the country and in Latin America...

Wednesday, 28 January

Buenos Aires Comix[travelling Buenos Aires]
In Argentina, a new breed of cartoonists –some of them were native and others were immigrant– started to work since the end of the XIX century, but especially since the 1920’s. *This group us...

Statues in the Jardin Botanico[Buenos Aires Photographer - Big Photos of Buenos Aires]

Bailando a Bomba de Tiempo[Expedition Evan]
One of my favorite activities in Buenos Aires is Bomba de Tiempo , a massive* percussion group performance every Monday night.* It’s held at Konex, which is a large open-air performance sp...

Argentina, Brazil: Trade and a Protectionist Tit for Tat[stratfor.com]
Brazil has announced it will increase non-tariff barriers to trade in the wake of a 40 percent decline in Argentina’s imports of Brazilian goods...

Tuesday, 27 January

Stunning 360 Panoramic View Of Buenos Aires[The Argentine Post]
This stunningly cool 360 degree panoramic view of Buenos Aires will leave you dazzled. At least it did for me, so check it out.

Argentines Feeling Good About Obama[The Argentine Post]
An overwhelming majority of Argentines feel good about having Barack Obama as president of the United States. Almost 76% of Argentines feel positively about the new president, according to a survey......

Monday, 26 January

We Are Charles Darwin[micheleandtom.com]
Our big travel splurge: a five day small-boat cruise through the inland waterways of Southern Patagonia, including an attempt at Cape Horn.
Charles Darwin’s youthful trip on the HMS Beagl...

beach weekend: villa gesell[Yillabean]
friday morning i left my apartment at 6:20am. i walked over to my friends apartment to catch a colectivo to the main bus station in B.A.. once we arrived we had to walk past the train station to get...

Recommended Concerts in February and March 2009[My Buenos Aires Travel Guide]
February 2009 Thursday 12 Alanis Morisette The Canadian singer and composer comes back to Argentina to present her latest album, "Flavor of Entanglement" with a show at Luna Park Stadium. Luna...
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