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Jul 17, 2009
Saturday, 03 January 2015

With a tough route, the Dakar starts today[Buenos Aires Herald]
Over its storied history, Dakar has become the ultimate test of man and machine, allowing a select few the opportunity to claim victory or just finish this extreme challenge.

Argentina Will Not Pay, RUFO Not Relevant[The Bubble]
A new year has begun, a year long anticipated by close followers of the Argentina debt debacle. At midnight on 31 December 2014, the Rights Upon Future Offers (RUFO) clause expired, meaning that if Argentinas government wanted to, they could now pay the holdouts, or vultures, without having to pay the holders of exchanged bonds the same amount, thus bankrupting the country. Will Argentina Pay?

Friday, 02 January 2015

Argentina to extradite former FEMA agent on Denver murder charge[The Denver Post]
Argentina's highest court has approved the extradition of a former Federal Emergency Management Agency spokesman who claims the U.S. government helped frame him for murder. Kurt Sonnenfeld says says video he took of Ground Zero after the 2001 terrorist ...

Thursday, 01 January 2015

Argentina's president announces lapdogs will be allowed on Aerolineas[ABC Online]
Argentina's president announces lapdogs will be allowed on Aerolineas ...ABC OnlineLapdogs are a status symbol in Argentina, dressed sometimes in fitted sweaters emblazoned with colours of their owners' favourite soccer club. Ms Fernandez's dog post got more than 36,000 likes on Facebook.

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Instrument makes resurgence in Argentina[CCTV]
The tango is in the midst of a resurgence across Argentina and Uruguay, enjoying a popularity it hasn't seen in more than 50 years. But there's a problem. The instrument at the heart of tango music is in short supply, and prohibitively expensive.

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Dakar Rally 2015: From Argentina to Chile to Bolivia And Back[Design & Trend]
After initially departing Buenos Aires, the looping route will take competitors to Argentina's Villa Carlos Paz, San Juan and Chilecito before venturing into Chile. Once in Chile, they will forge on to Copiapo and Antofagasta before reaching Iquique ...

Argentina's president suffers fractured ankle[TheNewsTribune.com]
Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez is helped up the stairs of the government house at an outdoor event celebrating the 31st anniversary of democracy's return to the country in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

New Year’s Week in Buenos Aires[Inside Buenos Aires]
Another long weekend awaits with the New Year celebrations coming up! Thursday and Friday are national holidays so expect an empty city with many closed shops, attractions and venues. Also, make sure to plan your transport for the 31st! Monday (Photo by blueforce4116) Walk down Florida Street and find Marta Minujin’s “Arbol de los deseos” (Wishing tree) sculpture where you can leave your wish for 2015. Av. Santa Fe 1860, Recoleta ...

Friday, 26 December 2014

Where To Party For New Year’s Eve in Buenos Aires[Buenos Aires 4U]
Buenos Aires is renowned for being one of the worlds best party cities thanks to its huge array of nightclubs and bars, and parties that last until after the sun has come up. However, New Years Eve in Buenos Aires is surprisingly quiet, considering the citys reputation. This is partly because a large portion of porteños leave the city during this period to take their holidays on the coast, and partly because people tend to celebrate with their families...

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Argentina's “Loony Radio”[CounterPunch]
Antonio Peralta, known to listeners as exageradamente loco, or “extremely crazy,” is a well-known radio personality in Argentina where a radio show is heard by 12 million people. But his studio is hardly conventional: He broadcasts from the courtyard ...

Monday, 22 December 2014

23 attacked by piranhas in Argentina[Sky News Australia]
At least 23 people have been attacked by a species of piranha known locally as the palometa while swimming in a river in northeastern Argentina. To prevent more injuries, authorities in the town of Garupa have closed the municipal beach.

Subte Workers Announce Rotating Strike for Tomorrow[The Bubble]
After holding a live press conference, the Subte workers have announced a rotating strike tomorrow to express their disagreement with the Labor Ministry’s decision to call off a meeting they were supposed to have to discuss the legal entity of their union. Every subway line will be going on strike for three hours on Tuesday.

Oscars 2015 Predictions, Best Foreign Film: Argentina's 'Wild Tales ...[Latin Post]
Edgar Ramirez stars as Simon Bolivar in Venezuela's Oscar submission The Liberator. Argentina and Venezuela have made shortlist for the Academy Awards for the foreign film category. Will either of these countries take home the Oscar?

Gender-bending fairy doll sparks outrage in Argentina[PinkNews]
A fairy doll that has a female body with male genitalia has sparked outrage in Argentina. The toy came to note after a mother shared pictures of it on Facebook, after her three-year-old was playing with it. In addition to having long hair, a dress ...Argentinian woman posts photo online after daughter discovers fairy doll has ...

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Free WiFi? An Update on Buenos Aires and Airports North[Southern Cone Travel]
It doesn’t seem all that along – and it wasn’t, really – that Internet access in the Southern Cone countries was hard to come by. I can
recall, in the mid-1990s, having to seek out an Internet gatekeeper at the Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA) to send some electronic files to my then-publisher in Australia. Fortunately, it’s gotten far easier there and en route, as ...

The Riddle Of Argentina – Analysis[Eurasia Review]
Argentina is the only country in the world that was 'developed' in 1900 and 'developing' in 2000. Various explanations highlight the roles of trade openness, political institutions, financial integration, financial development, and macroeconomic ...

Friday, 19 December 2014

Who will stop drug threat?[Buenos Aires Herald]
The trade in illegal narcotics has soared but most would rather ignore the issue entirely. The score-settling murders of three people in Mar del Plata last Tuesday took violent deaths in the so-called “Happy City” to nearly 70 this year and for a few hours put the drugs link on the front pages — some of them at least.

How To Survive Buenos Aires in Summer[Buenos Aires 4U]
Admittedly, winter has its charms and you can parade around in your warm clothes in the chilly streets of Buenos Aires, but trust us: Buenos Aires in summer sizzles in many ways besides the climate. Time to grab your sunscreen and check these handy tips on spending the sunny season in Argentinas capital. Vamos a la playa! No, your Spanish is not that bad, playa means beach. If there is a possibility of life on other planets, why cant there be a beach in Buenos Aires?

The Subte’s New Underground Commercial Gallery Looks Amazing[The Bubble]
If you ever ventured into the dark hallways of the Subtes underground commercial gallery located right below the Obelisco, you probably remember feeling like you were entering 1964 and that, once you left the small stores behind, there was a chance you were going to be killed by an axe murdered, your body never to be found again. Remember this shady gallery when walking to the subte? Huh?

Argentina could begin 'normalizing' its currency market -central bank[Reuters]
Argentina's central bank chief, Alejandro Vanoli, said on Friday that the government would look to begin gradually normalizing its currency exchange market in 2015. Vanoli did not elaborate on what he meant. But his...

In Brief: The 1976-1983 Dictatorship in Argentina[The Bubble]
Walking across Plaza de Mayo, the iconic heart of the microcentro in Buenos Aires, you find yourself surrounded by living history: The Casa Rosada, Argentina’s pink Presidential palace, the National Bank, the Piramide de Mayo column celebrating the revolution. But, if instead of gazing up at the loftier landmarks, you turn your eyes downwards and on to the cobbles of the plaza, you notice a strange, uniform circle of white headscarves painted across the ground ...
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