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Sep 22, 2012
Tuesday, 06 January

Holiday scenes from Parque Lezama, 1898[Buenos Aires, City of Faded Elegance]
I always will have great memories of Parque Lezama. I’ve spent many hours strolling around the park. Sure, on weekends it’s rather dusty and crowded but wonderful during the week. Here ar...

City of Flowers?[SaltShaker]
…the true social and industrial boost begun in 1924 when a Japanese citizen called Gashu, who discovered how fit the zone was for the production of flowers, settled in the land. Along wi...

British tourist plunges 200ft to his death[Daily Mail (UK)]
A British man plunged to his death in a paragliding accident in Argentina when he slipped loose from his harness.

Despite slowdown, polo is big business in Argentina[Reuters]
As eight horses and riders galloped in pursuit of a wooden ball one recent afternoon, U.S. movie director Robert Duvall rubbed shoulders with Argentine former soccer star Gabriel Batistuta...

Monday, 05 January

Hyperinflation & Powers of Ten[Buenos Aires Photographer]
A series of Argentine bank notes from the 1960s to the present day. Inspired by the Charles and Ray Eames video, Powers of Ten : ...

2008: The Year in Review[Discover Buenos Aires]
Since everyone seems to do a year-end review, we figured why not us too? Ok, so we’ve only been living in Buenos Aires since August 2008, and can’t really provide a full year summary, but...

Redbeard… Visited[SaltShaker]
No hay pirata sin vicio,
ni tesoro sin desperdicio.
A mar revuelto,
ganancia de filibusteros.
Los piratas de ojo tapado,
dueños de las islas
y de los mares amos.
(my translati...

Sunday, 04 January

Summer in Mar Del Plata[Buenos Aires Photographer]
I've never been one for the beach so the whole social phenomenon of the summer balnearios is something I view more anthropologically than hedonistically. Above is Playa Varese in Mar Del Plata. Th...

What Cristina Is Doing Right[The Argentine Post]
Argentine President Cristina Fernández made a lot of mistakes in her first year in office, but she has recently made several moves that could help Argentina stay above water even as the global financial crisis threatens to push the world into a recession.

Kid in San Telmo[Buenos Aires Daily]

Saturday, 03 January

A bag of milk[Yillabean]
Now that I've been in Bs.As. for 6 weeks, things are starting to become more and more normal, so I'm trying to remember now, before I slip into a Buenos Aires state of mind, what is different. How y...

Things You Must Know if You are Going to Buenos Aires[Squidoo.com]
Planning a trip to Buenos Aires?>Here you'll find essential travel information that you need to know to have a safe and fun trip.
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