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Jul 17, 2009
Friday, 08 January 2016

Surviving Summer in Buenos Aires[LandingPadBA]
As the Porteños like to say “Lo que te mata es la humedad (It’s the humidity that kills ya!). It probably won’t kill you, but the Buenos Aires summer will certainly try. Here are a few pools, beaches, cold drinks, and ice cream flavours to help you survive the summer.

A Whole Month Of Pedro Almodóvar At Centro Cultural Conti[The Bubble]
screenings of four of Almodóvars more well-known films. Tickets will be available at the door an hour before the start of each film (6pm) with a limit of two tickets per person.

Macri's Argentina forecasted to grow 0.7% this year and rebound to 1.9% in 2017[MercoPress]
“The new government in Argentina is expected to implement monetary and fiscal tightening in 2016, pushing a rebound in growth to 2017, as investment slowly strengthens on renewed investor confidence and leads the recovery,” the report estimates.

Argentina expects debt negotiations to begin January 13: official[Reuters]
The funds, led by billionaire Paul Singer's Elliott Management, are suing Argentina for full repayment of debt the country defaulted on in 2002. A large majority of creditors accepted about 30 cents on the dollar in 2005 and 2010 restructurings.

Hola Hitler! Ex CIA agent claims Nazi leader faked his death and flew to Tenerife before escaping to Argentina on a ...[Daily Mail]
A CIA agent with more than 21-years' field experience claims newly declassified evidence suggests that Adolf Hitler faked his own death before escaping to the Canary Islands by air before continuing to Argentina. Bob Baer, who spent his lifetime ...

Riot Police Attack Public Workers Protest in Argentina[teleSUR English]
Police officers in Argentina violently attacked public workers while they were protesting in La Plata City, capital Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The workers where demonstrating after the newly elected right-wing President Mauricio Macri fired ...

The Controversy Over The Mass Public Sector Layoffs, Explained[The Bubble]
were fired from the Kirchner Cultural Center because “85 percent of the employees got theirs jobs because of agreements with different universities.” And “even though it’s great that universities have agreements of this kind, they can’t be unofficial employment agencies. Besides, no aptitude tests were conducted to choose the more qualified candidates.”

'Argentina's Fritzl' who turned nine-year-old daughter into sex slave, raped her for 22 years and fathered eight ...[Daily Mail]
A man accused of raping his daughter for 22 years and fathering eight children with her has been arrested in Argentina. In a case that has been compared to the abuse Elizabeth Fritzl suffered at the hands of dad Josef in Austria, Domingo Bullicio ...

Argentina's New First Lady Is Making Sartorial Waves[Vogue.com]
When the newly sworn-in Argentinian president Mauricio Macri was elected to office this past fall, his victory represented a dramatic transformation for the country's politics. And international attention was focused not only on the world leader, but ...

The heated human rights debate facing Argentina's new president[The Conversation UK]
No sooner had centre-right candidate Mauricio Macri been elected president of Argentina than one of the country's leading newspapers, La Nación, published an unsigned editorial headed “No More Revenge”. In it, the paper bluntly said that “the election ...

Chloe goes to Argentina for SS16 campaign[ELLE Malaysia]
Next in line of brands releasing their Spring/Summer 2016 campaigns is French fashion house Chloé. Shot on the cobblestone streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina by Theo Wenner, the campaign not only features veteran Chloé girls Antonina Petkovic and Ilvie...

Thursday, 07 January 2016

The Dakar hazard[Buenos Aires Herald]
As odd as it may seem, hundreds of vehicles racing in the Dakar Rally are set to go through a National Park in Salta next Monday as part of the 2016 edition of the race held in Argentina and Bolivia, leading to accusations being traded between the government and environmental organizations and rekindling the debate about the environmental risks of the competition.

Spain Supports Argentina's Claim over Malvinas Islands[teleSUR English]
Eurasia Reviewall 2 news articles » Argentina's new conservative government, which much of the right-wing press has praised as a neoliberal beacon in South America, has said that it will press on with its bid to reclaim the Malvinas Islands, a continuation of the policy of Cristina ...

Donald Trump’s Son Compares His Dad to Mauricio Macri[The Bubble]
that. Comparing anyone to a xenophobic, homophobic, misogynistic alien transplant (how else do we explain The Donald?) is not cause for celebration, even for someone said to represent the right’s resurgence in Latin America.

How Argentina's 'Radio La Colifata' Changes the way People see Mentally-Ill ...[Latinos Health]
GRANBY, CO - NOVEMBER 12: Healthy Marriage Project counselor Rob Utesch coaches a military couple during a group marriage therapy session at a retreat for military families on November 12, 2011 near Granby, Colorado. The six-day retreat is designed

Wednesday, 06 January 2016

Prehistoric animal shell discovered in Argentina[Vine Report]
A local farmer stumbled upon a large shell — which he initially thought to be a dinosaur egg — along a riverbank in Argentina. When archaeologists examined it closely, they found out it belonged to a prehistoric giant armadillo called glyptodont.

Free Open Air Music Festival next to Teatro Colon[BA Travel Guide]
The Festival is sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of the City of Buenos Aires.Thursday 14:Concert by the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra. Conducted by Daniel Barenboim. Soloist Marta Argerich. Teatro Colón. Piotr Ilyitch Tchaikovski.Friday 15: The Barber of Seville. Gioacchino Rossini. Conductor, Carlo Montanaro. Orchestra and Choir of the Paris National Opera...

Macri's Statist Policies Can't Solve Argentina's Poverty Crisis[PanAm Post (blog)]
Eradicating poverty is undoubtedly a noble goal, even more so because Argentina's main natural riches come from its great capacity to produce. The fact that close to 30 percent of Argentineans can't satisfy their most basic needs is an embarrassment.

Get Ready To Pay A Higher Electricity Bill Starting In March[The Bubble]
However, the government added that approximately 20 percent of users will be exempt from the tax hike, as it intends on looking at data provided by the National Social Security Administration (ANSES) and tax collection agency (AFIP) to determine which portion of the population requires government aid to pay their utility bills. Those families would be allowed to continue paying current taxes when they consume under 150 kilowatts.

Rescuing an Obscure Photographic Archive of Early 20th-Century Argentina[Hyperallergic]
When German-born photographer Annemarie Heinrich opened her first studio in 1930, her adopted country of Argentina was experiencing a time of change from old cultural practices to industrialization. Heinrich took hundreds of photographs of this ...

Good News For Teatro Colon Fans (Under 35)[The Bubble]
tours can be taken for a 180 ARS, seeing an actual performance on the renown stage can set you back a pretty penny. That was until Dionysus (or the board of directors) smiled upon the sullied peso poor masses.

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Guide to Using the ATM in Argentina – And Should You?[Discover Buenos Aires]
Also, make sure your bank does not charge additional debit card fees for foreign currency transactions or using another bank’s ATM. Bank of America has some crazy fees – U$S 5 – U$S 10 for using a non-Bank of America ATM plus a 3% international transaction fee. Paying these additional fees is going to lower your exchange rate as well. So, how much did I lose by using the ATM versus exchanging dollars at the blue rate?

The Dakar Rally 2016 Argentina - Bolivia[BA Travel Guide]
vehicles from the start in Buenos Aires to Uyuni in Bolivia and then on the return journey to Rosario will be spread over 14 days of racing, covering more than 9,000 kilometresSchedule of events: 31st December and 1st January: “Tecnópolis”. As with the 2015 edition, administrative and technical checks will be carried out at the Tecnópolis exhibition centre to the north-west of Buenos Aires. Two days of festivities for the public and two final days of preparation for the teams.2nd January: Podium

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Eat, drink and be merry: the Holiday Season in Argentina[therealargentina.com]
After dishing out these meals, our mothers and grandmothers still thought that everyone was feeling hungry and that it was time to start a proper dinner. In came a roasted chicken with potatoes, more salads and even a roasted pork – a culinary feast that would make Roman emperors green with envy.Pork. For many, cooking pork for the Holiday Season is a ceremony in itself. There are those who spend hours grilling pork, convinced that the longer you grill, the higher the praise
Saturday, 19 December 2015

Spending Christmas and New Year’s in Buenos Aires[LandingPadBA]
What to do on Christmas and New Year's in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Tips on where to go, what's open, where to eat and fireworks.

Friday, 11 December 2015

Guide to Puerto Madero: BA’s Newest Barrio[therealargentina.com]
Puerto Madero, once a rundown dock area, has benefited from an exclusive makeover in the last decade. No more ramshackle warehouses and forgotten cargo containers. Now the cool, calm waterfront esplanade is flanked by fancy restaurants, coffee shops and bars, towered over by luxurious apartments and office blocks. Think London Docklands or Darling Harbour in Sydney. The revamp provides slick, safe, and serene surroundings but it does feel like you could be in any major city, anywhere. However, s

La Gran Milonga Nacional 2015 - Open Air Tango Dancing[BA Travel Guide]
La Gran Milonga Nacional will start at 8:00 pm, and will last until 3 am, with three central stages in the corners of Avenida de Mayo with Bernardo de Irigoyen, Piedras and Perú, and other smaller ones along the avenue, where the audience will be able to dance on the street to the music of live Tango orchestras, with their dancers and singers.

Welcome to Morfilandia[therealargentina.com]
A river-side farm near the Welsh-founded town of Trelew hosted the first edition of this cool food fest that’s quite an innovation for the area. Chacra San José – home to geese, goats, sheep, ponies and orchards – received a makeover: bunting flapped in the breeze, handmade wooden stalls served up tasty treats and stables used as shade to avoid the searing sun. A stream (constructed by Welsh immigrants way back when, people with a strong presence in the area who celebrated 150 years living in ...
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