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Sep 22, 2012
Monday, 02 March

Road Tripping Argentina: Mendoza City to the Andean Giants[Argentina's Travel Guide]
The Mendoza province is a land of intense beauty. The landscape diversity of vineyards reaching out to the horizon and the mighty Aconcagua looming above creates a stark contrast of mountain and val...

Tandil Calvario[Buenos Aires Photographer - Big Photos of Buenos Aires]
Tandil is a pleasant small city in the southern Pampas filled with students from the local university... Here are a few pictures of the Calvario, which has a walk of the stations of the cross and then, at the top of the hill, a giant cross to which people have tied small pieces of cloth as offerings.

The Very Deep South[SaltShaker]
If there’s a bright center to the universe, you’re on the planet that it’s farthest from.” - Luke Skywalker, Star Wars
Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego - The three an...

Sunday, 01 March

National Symphonic Orchestra 2009 Season[My Buenos Aires Travel Guide]
The National Symphonic Orchestra , directed by master Pedro Ignacio Calderón, starts its 2009 season on Friday, March 13th , with a concert at Bolsa de Comercio de Buenos Aires. The program include...

The oldest swingers in town[Sallycat's Adventures]
“ Oh my God! ” I squealed into my friend’s ear during the rapturous applause between tangos, “This is the most amazing thing I’ve seen since I got here!” On th...

Theme day: Glass[Buenos Aires Daily]
This is the reflection of the neo-classical style cathedral in Salta.

Saturday, 28 February

Todos Santos[The Argentimes]
Our driver is rambling rapidly; we cruise over peaks, the valley below shrouded in a willow of fluffy cumulus as we begin our descent toward town. This is a lucrative day for Carlos, he’s shuttling re...

Know Thy Door Slam[micheleandtom.com]
There is nothing that a Buenos Aires cabbie hates worse than a passenger slamming their door while entering or exiting the vehicle. (I’m serious, they get super pissed.) Tom feels horrible w...

The CIA's Panetta begs Argentina's forgiveness[SperoNews]
Leon Panetta, director of the Central Intelligence Agency, called the Argentine ambassador in Washington to beg forgiveness of the Argentine people for questioning the Latin nation's political and economic stability.

Friday, 27 February

Renting a Furnished Apartment from a Local Owner[Buenos Aires Tips]
Most tourists who rent a furnished apartment for their stay in Buenos Aires use a rental agency such as Apartments BA or ByT Argentina to arrange their accommodations. But that’s not the onl...

Carnaval 2009: Florianopolis, Brazil[Discover Buenos Aires]
We were told that the Carnaval parties in Florianopolis, Brazil do not compare to the scale of the ones in Rio, and if that’s true, all I can say is that the ones in Rio must be amazing!* In Fl...

A jolly week part 2[The Silver River]
On Tuesday night Chris and I went to Sudestada for dinner. It's a lovely place. I enjoyed the pork ribs and Chris had a beef curry. We steered away from the oh-so-hot starter we had last time. It was ...

Argentina’s Proposed Tourist Entry Fee Postponed Indefinitely[Discover Buenos Aires]
Good news for expats and tourists alike!* Argentina’s proposed tourist entry fee which was scheduled to start January 1, 2009, and then re-scheduled for March 2009, has been postponed indefi...

Argentina-US row over CIA comment[BBC]
Argentina has summoned the US ambassador in an angry protest against comments by the CIA director about the country's economic problems.

Thursday, 26 February

CIA ‘Meddling’ Sparks (mini) Firestorm In Argentina[The Argentine Post]
Argentine Foreign Minister Jorge Taiana, a man who seems congenitally incapable of smiling, was not happy Thursday. The reason: Obama’s new CIA director, Leon Panetta, gave a press conference......

Squat House Raided by Police[The Argentimes]
Police raided a three floor building in San Telmo in the early hours of Wednesday morning, where almost 100 families live. Authorities offered residents 7,000 pesos to leave the house, usurped over 20...

La Plata Museum - Outtakes[Buenos Aires Photographer - Big Photos of Buenos Aires]
Some outtakes from my visit to La Plata's natural history museum .

Worth your tourist dosh?[Sallycat's Adventures]
My mum, a fanatical viewer of the UK BBC television show Strictly Come Dancing wanted to see a tango show when she was in Buenos Aires.
Yes, we’d taken her to a real live milonga which ...
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