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Sep 22, 2012
Monday, 30 March

5 star breakfast at Alvear[Yillabean]
Saturday, March 28th, 2009 Just after a couple hours of sleep (because we were salsaing last night) we woke up around 9am. Nicholas insisted on taking me to the super expensive swanky five star h...

US Embassy Issues Dengue Fever Alert[The Argentine Post]
The U.S. embassy in Buenos Aires has issued the following alert on Dengue Fever in Argentina. ... officials in the Province of Buenos Aires ... have confirmed the discovery of 15 cases in the province, including two in Quilmes, just south of Capital Federal...

Blue & white colors[Buenos Aires Daily]
Yesterday, the benches in the River Stadium were filled with supporters [ hinchas ]. It was Maradona official debut as the national selection’s coach. And he did beautifully. Argentina triumphe...

Argentina's grapes of success [BBC]
The city of Mendoza lies in a valley which was once a desert. But since the time of the Incas, it has been irrigated by a series of canals with waters from the glaciers in the Andes...

Argentina contracts British PR firm to promote the country-brand [Mercopress]
The Argentine government has contracted Britain’s Bell Pottinger’s international PR division to raise its profile in Europe and the Untied States as a business and tourism hub, according to reports in the Buenos Aires press ...

Saturday, 28 March

Daily Pic 116 : Little Cakes in the Confiteria[The Silver River - Buenos Aires Daily]
Who says Argentine's are racist?

Buenos Aires, undiscovered by HIMYM[benjamingedan]
Catching up last night on some "How I Met Your Mother" (or "HIMYM," as a friend in Los Angeles tells me it's known), I saw an episode ...

Friday, 27 March

BAFICI’s Must-See Films Start Screening[The Argentine Post]
BAFICI kicked off on Wednesday night at the 25 de Mayo Theater. The venue was packed to the brim with filmmakers, celebrities, press and aficionados all excited to commence the festivities. In total 417 films will be projected throughout the festival.
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