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Jul 17, 2009
Friday, 11 March 2016

Where To Get The Best Coffee In Buenos Aires[The Bubble]
Puerto Blest beans are also organic. Yes, every cup that you order here is made with top selected beans from coming from small farms around the world. So, which is our favorite preparation in here? Honestly, we haven't made up our mind. The almond flavored cappuccino is something different, and completely worth trying. But a classical espresso or a filtered cup of Joe are also perfectly good ways to taste the houses fair trade bean.

Argentina: Breathtaking Perito Moreno glacier collapse[Latin Correspondent]
It's one of Argentina's top tourist attractions, with some 3,000 visitors making the trip to the Parque Nacional los Glaciares in Santa Cruz each year. Hundreds of onlookers were awarded with a spectacular sight on Thursday, when huge chunks of the ...

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Dancing Argentine Tango: The Return On Investment (ROI)[TangoSpam]
The ROI is not only a female thing. Granted I sit with women, so I hear it more from that side of the room. Men can be just as pompous. In that same milonga a man came up and asked me to dance. During the tanda he told me that he was the best person for me to dance with. He rattled off a list of people he had taken lessons from. "I have invested a lot of money in learning tango."

This Latin American country will be an e-commerce power in the next few years[Business Insider]
Latin America is an emerging market for e-commerce, but one nation in particular should become the leader of the pack. BI Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service, forecasts that online retail sales in Argentina will grow at a compound...

BA Fashion Week Behind the Scenes with Cecilia Gadea[The Bubble]
th catwalk show for the bi-annual BAF Week of her namesake label of ready-wear-to-wear and custom-made collections that she’s dedicated herself to since 2001. Gadea admits she always feels a bit anxious, “It’s always a challenge to show what you do. For me, presenting a collection on the runway responds more to a desire to tell a story than to be part of a calendar. I work on a small scale and my designs are quite timeless so I don’t always want to show every season. But I love the possibility o

A history of economic trouble in Argentina | World Finance[World Finance]
World FinanceArgentina was once one of the world's richest economies. Only as recently as the turn of the 20th century, Argentina, along with several European and North American economies, was part of an elite club of prosperous countries – a club that, following ...

An Introduction to the Architecture of Buenos Aires[Gringo in BA]
The city has plenty of contemporary architecture, too. The Floralis Genérica, next to the Facultad de Derecho, is a prime example. It’s basically a giant steel-and-aluminum flower that dominates a leafy plaza. Supposedly, the flower’s petals open and close according to daylight – just like a real flower – but you’ll be extremely lucky to see this. Deep in the heart of Núñez is the garish, French-style Torre Chateau, a 40-story luxury apartment building with views of the Río de la Plata.

Wednesday, 09 March 2016

Bookworms Unite! Noche De Las Librerías Is Back[The Bubble]
s renowned book havens with a backdrop of night lights in between Junín and Libertad. There will also be a whole host of talks, activities for all ages, games and live readings as well as live music by Spanish artist Alex Ubago.

Organic and Healthy Food Market in Belgrano - March 2016[BA Travel Guide]
Vegetables; Farm produce; Delicatessen; Gourmet food; Flour and derivatives; Mushrooms; Infusions; Vegetables; Dairy; Bakery; Jams; edible Flowers; Pasta; Herbs; Snacks, and more.There will be more than 10 food trucks offering special menus for visitors and healthy food to go or to enjoy right there on the communal tables of this picturesque market.

Top Destinations in Argentina for the Artsy-Fartsies[argentina-travel-blog.sayhueque.com]
Located in the poorest and most mistreated province of the country (Chaco), Resistencia is not usually one of the destinations in Argentina visited by conventional tourists. Even so, the museums, the cultural offer, the gastronomy, the traditional sites and educational centers, and, above everything, the more than 500 sculptures that rise on its streets, squares, parks and avenues make it an undeniably artistic city.

Tuesday, 08 March 2016

JPMorgan, Deutsche Bank boys are running the new Argentina[The Australian Financial Review]
Since winning office in November, President Mauricio Macri, a former businessman himself, has loaded his administration up with traders, financiers, entrepreneurs, economists and corporate executives. Bloomberg. by Carolina Millan. Hours after ...

Study: 100,000 People Have Been Laid Off In The Public And Private Sectors[The Bubble]
The alleged objective of the government’s policy of “evaluating contracts” (this generally means firing public workers) was to make the public sector more effective because, in Macri’s administration’s words, the public sphere had become an “employment office” for political activists aligned with the former administration. Many aligned with the former administration consider these “contract revisions” to be a political witch hunt.

New Site Allows You To Report ‘Manteros’ And Human Traffickers. Because They’re So Similar.[The Bubble]
a study by the Federation of Commerce, manteros and illegal businesses account for over 12,000 jobs and over AR $3.6 million per month in cash. Manteros only see a part of this revenue, as they are part of a greater network which sells the merchandise to the allegedly exploited vendors. It is these “shadowy” networks that the government says it aims to take down with the latest spate of raids.

Argentina returns to bond market after 15 years[Nouse]
The funds in question only held a small proportion of this debt, with the U.S court-appointed mediator Daniel Pollack hailing the resolution: “It gives me the greatest pleasure to announce that the 15-year pitched battle between the Republic of ...

Indy Eye: Riachuelo Cleanup Operation[The Argentina Independent]
In 2008, the Supreme Court officially ordered authorities at a city, provincial, and federal level to work together to clean up the area, and the Authority of the Matanza-Riachuelo Basin (ACUMAR), an autonomous group responsible for the clean up of the area, was created.

The creative protests of sex workers in Argentina[Open Democracy]
The Women's Sex Workers organisation of Argentina AMMAR was born in 1995 as a consequence of the criminalisation of sex work in public spaces in Capital Federal, a subsidiary of Buenos Aires. We sex workers organised ourselves to fight for our rights...

Monday, 07 March 2016

The Bookstore Night - La Noche de las Librerias 2016[BA Travel Guide]
On Saturday, March 12th, 2016, the City of Buenos Aires presents a new edition of The Bookstore Night (La Noche de las Librerías), with free activities in over 50 bookstores from 6 pm till Sunday at 1.00 am. This traditional event represents the publishing industry and pays tribute to bookstores and booksellers in the City, with activities in their premises, and the traditional festival on Avenida Corrientes.

Saturday, 05 March 2016

Buenos Aires tree guide[LandingPadBA]
An old expat once told me during an asado that an Englishman comes to Buenos Aires for three reasons and three reasons alone, for work, for love or to run away from the law. However, if for some reason you don’t fall into one of these three criterion or indeed you are not lucky []

Friday, 04 March 2016

New Lightweight Cart Design May Make Cartoneros’ Lives Easier[The Bubble]
Every evening when the shops start to close, cartoneros — often lugging behind them wooden carts intended for horses — go around and collect recyclable materials for which they can be reimbursed (flattened cardboard boxes, paper products, etc). If it sounds like arduous, heavy work, that’s because it is. Cartoneros are known to carry up to 80 kilograms.

Argentina’s ‘Kansas’ Is No Place Like Home[Munchies]
It’s 8 PM on a Tuesday, I’m heading into Kansas for an early dinner, and it’s a scene. I walk past a caravan of fancy cars holding up traffic while attempting to enter the parking lot and push through a mosh pit of fake tits and tan skin until I reach the hostess stand. “That will be two hours,” the hostess says and hands me a pager, something I’ve never seen before in this country.
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