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Sep 22, 2012
Friday, 12 March

BAF Week: Movers, Shakers and Beautiful Clothes Makers[The Argentimes]
The season ahead is looking dark. Autumn and winter fast approaching, Argentina is gearing up to face the chill in heavy fabrics, a monochromatic palette and with die-hard allegiance to punk-inspired ...

The Pale Blue Door[As Belgrano Byrnes...]
I enjoyed an delightfully unusual dining experience last evening. British artist Tony Hornecker (above) invited me to the opening night of his Pale Blue Door exhibition, a vagabond restaura...

Thursday, 11 March

Buenos Aires Boliches: Nightlife in BA[Gringo in Buenos Aires]
Perhaps more than any other, Buenos Aires is a city of the night. Many of the best things to do here are night-time pursuits, and locals find doing them in the depths of night utterly normal and ...

Argentina aids Chile with a charity mega concert[My Buenos Aires Travel Guide]
Next Saturday, March 13, 2010 , some of the greatest Argentinian artists will offer a charity concert, "Argentina embraces Chile" ("Argentina abraza a Chile") to assist the victims of the earthquake...

Aerosmith to Rock Buenos Aires May 27[The Argentine Post]
The legendary rock band Aerosmith will rock Buenos Aires on May 27, according to the band’s official site. Aerosmith will play its “Cocked, Locked, Ready to Rock” tour at the...

Argentina's football fans 'plan to fight English supporters' at World Cup [Mail Online (UK)]
More than 300 known troublemakers are likely to be allowed to travel to the tournament after supporting the Argentine government at football games and political rallies in recent months.

Wednesday, 10 March

Free concerts by Buenos Aires Philharmonic Orchestra[My Buenos Aires Travel Guide]
Starting Friday, March 12th, 2010, the Buenos Aires Philharmonic Orchestra will offer a series of free open air concerts aimed for the whole family, at the Amphitheater Eva Peron in Parque Centenari...

Ciudanza - 3rd Festival of Dance in Urban Landscapes[My Buenos Aires Travel Guide]
On March 13, 14, 19, and 20, 2010 , organized by the Ministry of Culture of the City of Buenos Aires, visitors and locals are invited to enjoy the dance festival "Ciudanza". Ciudanza is ...

Koreatown Caution[SaltShaker]
I’ve hesitated a few days about writing this up, mostly because I don’t want family and friends to be worried about living here in BA, nor people who don’t really know the city to t...

Freestyle Slalom Skating Hits Buenos Aires[The Argentimes]
A stroll down the Rosedal in the Bosques de Palermo on a Sunday afternoon will almost certainly include an encounter with a group of freestyle slalom skaters practising their latest moves. Ultra-cool ...

Gasoline Shortage in Argentina[The Argentimes]
Due to a severe lack of gasoline in Argentina, the country has been forced to import fuel for the first time in three decades. Yesterday, YPF, the former state owned company now owned by Spanish compa...

The Emotional Argentines[LandingPadBA]
Natalia Sarro is an Argentine Psychologist & Intercultural Trainer based in BA. As founder of Nómadas Globales Argentina, Natalia is one of the first Intercultural Specialists...

Sundays are crowded in Puerto Madero[Buenos Aires Daily]
During summer days, Sundays are crowded in Puerto Madero. Much as locals as tourists. (Picture)

Tuesday, 09 March

Grapes of Wrath: Napa’s Loss, Argentina’s Gain[InvestBA.com]
Napa vineyards like this one have struggled while Argentina growers gain market share. There’s nothing like a recession to test the limits of discretionary spending and consumer willing...

Buenos Aires Deals – Visiting BA on the Cheap[Argentina's Travel Guide]
Travelers on the cheap have been reveling in Latin American prices for years, so it’s no surprise that Argentina is another one of those countries where your dollar (pound or euro) really goes far he...

Monday, 08 March

libertad leaving[Why on earth did I move to Argentina?]
Everyone in Argentina will have noticed. This year they are celebrating their 200th year of independence. There will be a lot of festivities this year, and this is one of them. Together with Chile, A...

Argentina grandma to face trial over pot plants[CNN]
A federal appeals court in Argentina has ruled that a grandmother must stand trial for growing two marijuana plants in her backyard.

Buenos Aires for Those Who Shun Steaks[NY Times Travel]
IT was over a bowl of delicious, spicy-sweet peanut soup with pesto made from huacatay, or Andean black mint, that I realized the vegetarian diner was now perfectly welcome in Buenos Aires.
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