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Sep 22, 2012
Sunday, 28 March

Desire Petroleum finds Falklands oil unviable[Reuters]
Oil explorer Desire Petroleum will report that oil discovered in test drilling off the Falkland Islands is not commercially viable ...

Pungent diptych: maid in Buenos Aires[BA Herald]
In formal terms, Sencilla resembles Jean Genet’s Les bonnes, at least in a tangential manner: there’s two maids, and there’s a park bench, just one...

Friday, 26 March
Closed-Door Restaurants of Buenos Aires[Gringo in Buenos Aires]
Closed-door restaurants, a.k.a. restaurantes a puertas cerradas , are big in Buenos Aires. Never heard of them? What closed-door restaurants do is to blur the line between restaurants and dinner...

Constitucion[Buenos Aires Photographer - Big Pics of BA]
For me, the most spectacular of Buenos Aires' train stations: I'm labeling this post as "touristy stuff" but please note that the area around the station is not safe, especially at n...

Thursday, 25 March
5 Foods You Might Miss in Buenos Aires and Where to Find Them![Gringo in Buenos Aires]
There’s no denying that food is central to our existence, and not just in the sense that you die if you don’t eat it! For many of us, eating great food, talking about food, and bragging to our fr...

Deep Thoughts...Prepare Yourself[The Buenos Aires Life]
I’m waxing philosophical today, for a change. I’ve kind of been taking a “personal day” from the blog to focus on some things that I’ve chosen not to write about, both good things and bad things. But ...

Eating Green in Palermo Hollywood.[LandingPadBA]
We all know it and frankly, we’re tired of hearing it: Argentina has amazing beef. But what are we supposed to do after we have been to the parillas, h...

Green in Buenos Aires: A Guide to the Best Parks and Plazas[Argentina's Travel Guide]
If you’ve already been in Buenos Aires a few days and feel like you’ve seen the majority of the touristic sites, you might be getting close to leaving the city and continuing your travels. Before you...

Gimme Shelter: Miami or Buenos Aires?[InvestBA.com]
Condo inventory is moving again in Miami, but BA makes a better case for flight to quality. Crisis meant opportunity for investors in Buenos Aires real estate back in 2002, so—perhaps sensing bl...

Faro Les Éclaireurs[Buenos Aires Daily]
Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse, located in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina.

Wednesday, 24 March

A Day of Memory for Truth and Justice[The Argentimes]
Today over 100 human rights, student, cultural and labour organisations, marched along Avenida de Mayo to Plaza de Mayo to commemorate 'El Día de la Memoria', a day of memory to remember the 30,000 pe...

A Broad on a Bus[A Broad in Buenos Aires]
In the last 24 hours I've experienced enchantment on the most pedestrian of public transports: the bus. The first occured in the late evening after a tango class. Across from the bus stop was a filig...

Nuestros Caballos 2010 (Our Horses 2010) Equestrian Exhibition[My Buenos Aires Travel Guide]
"Nuestros Caballos 2010" (Our Horses 2010), the most important equestrian exhibition in Latin America, will be held at La Rural Exhibition Center from April 6 to April 11, 2010 , with equestri...

The Botanical garden[Why on earth did I move to Argentina?]
The Botanical garden is situated between Santa Fe and Las Heras. It is quite small, and compared to the Rosedal, it does not have this peace and quiet… the noisy traffic is very present. When I...

Tuesday, 23 March

World Cup: “Anxiously Awaiting Argentina”[InvestBA.com]
Argentina hopes to play more than one game at Johannesburg's Soccer City Stadium. With only 79 days remaining until the start of World Cup 2010 , it seems confidence runneth over among fans...

Buenos Aires’ Top Tours[Argentina's Travel Guide]
Navigating yourself around a mega metropolis like Buenos Aires can be daunting. And if you’ve only got a few days to spare, it’s hard to know which sites to put on the to-do list. To help you make th...

Bogotá: first impressions[line of sight]
The Colombian capital evidently receives little tourism—odd since bogotanos are ultra friendly, the city sits in a privileged spot, the food is excellent, public transportation is easy & it’...

Drug abuse among teenagers in several South American countries[MercoPress]
While the exclusive use of marihuana is very significant in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay, the use of inhalers among students in Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru also exists among a significant number of users.

Guns N' Roses: At Least 12 People Arrested Outside Buenos Aires Concert[roadrunnerrecords]
at least 12 people were arrested outside Velez stadium in Buenos Aires after a number of fans tried unsuccessfully to enter Guns N' Roses' concert at the venue without tickets or with counterfeit tickets ...

Monday, 22 March

Politically Correct[TangoSpam:La Vida Con Deby]
There is something I don't understand about some of the women who come here to dance tango. Or maybe I do understand and can't believe it. In their country, especially the US, they are very politi...

"Por la calle" Textile design tour - Palermo[My Buenos Aires Travel Guide]
"Por la Calle " is an urban self-guided tour, to discover the keys for the identity of design in Argentina. Por la Calle invites visitors to stroll around those shops where textile and clothing ...

Bosques de Palermo[Why on earth did I move to Argentina?]
I finally managed to visit the rosegarden, a part of the Parque de 3 de Febrero (Bosques de Palermo), designed by Carlos Thays (read my previous post about this landscape artist). Although the roses ...
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