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Jul 17, 2009
Thursday, 02 May 2013

Project of the Week: Comedor Infantil con Computación[The Argentina Independent]
IdeaMe is an online platform, which helps creators, be they inventors, artists, or designers, among others, to finance their projects through crowd funding. The Indy features and promotes one project...

Cat Power – Teatro Coliseo – May 23, 2013[Discover Buenos Aires]
Posted in Cat Power plays Teatro Coliseo in Buenos Aires on May 23.The post Cat Power – Teatro Coliseo – May 23, 2013 appeared first on Discover Buenos Aires.Related posts:Fly Miami To Lima One Way...

Wednesday, 01 May 2013

Fly Miami To Lima One Way From $139 – Connect To Buenos Aires For A $717 Roundtrip Deal[Discover Buenos Aires]
Posted in TravelJet Blue is having a sale on their new route from Fort Lauderdale to Lima, Peru from only $139 each way ($302 roundtrip all-in). Their new route starts November 21, 2013 and these...

Indy Eye: Miss World Argentina 2013[The Argentina Independent]
Teresa Kuster, from the City of Buenos Aires, was named 'Miss Argentina' in the Miss World Argentina pageant that took place on Friday in Rosario. Emma Hodson recorded the event.

Renting an apartment in Buenos Aires is an adventure on its own[Early Bird Adventures]
Finding the right apartment in Buenos Aires can be somehow tricky, if you don’t know the rules. The problem is not the lack of apartments on offer, quite the opposite. There is plenty to choose from....

The Indy Eye: Buenos Aires Feria del Libro 2013[The Argentina Independent]
The Ferial del Libro in Palermo runs through 13th May at La Rural expo centre. The Argentina Independent brings you photos of the event.

Top 5 Argentine Desserts[The Argentina Independent]
Sabrina Hummel rounds up five of the best traditional Argentine desserts, from the birthday party favourite chocotorta to the omnipresent flan.

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Protesters Rally Against Borda Police Aggression[The Argentina Independent]
The Union of State Workers (ATE) gathered today to rally against the Metropolitan Police, who used violence to repress protesters at the Borda mental hospital last Friday. The clash, arising between...

Why on earth did I move to Argentina?[Why on earth did I move to Argentina?]
I have to be honest. I am well in my 4th year in Argentina and guess what, I am absolutely not wondering why on earth I moved to this country. I guess my friends and family have given up wondering...

Néstor Kirchner to be Celebrated on 25th May[The Argentina Independent]
The president's secretary general, Oscar Parrilli, has confirmed that the country will celebrate ten years since the presidency of Néstor Kirchner on Argentina's 'May Revolution' day on the 25th May.

El Ateneo Grand Splendid Bookstore[BuenosTours]
A mecca for any book lover, El Ateneo Grand Splendid is one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world. Housed in an old theatre with rows of tomes and a cafe on the stage, this is a BA must see!

Battle of the bangs[Tall Travels]
BANG BANG! Oh shit! what was th . . .? Oh yeah. FireworksYou have just witnessed a scene which happens around once in every half an hour in Mexico. Welcome to my life.Mexico is already famous for...

Puma Urban Art 2013 - Street Art Exhibition[BA Travel Guide]
Puma Urban Art 2013 will be the meeting point for the best national and international urban artists. An original event, dedicated to contemporary art and the new trends on street art around the...

New Contemporary Art Exhibit at Fundación PROA[Inside Buenos Aires]
(Photo by lgerghi) Fundación PROA in La Boca inaugurated a new exhibit this past weekend featuring contemporary art from the nineties to today. The exhibition showcases Gustavo Bruzzone’s private...

Monday, 29 April 2013

Foto Ruta iPhoneography: Photography Tour in Buenos Aires[Gringo in BA]
Photo Taken on iPhoneography Tour We wrote about Foto Ruta in BBC Travel back in November of 2011. Foto Ruta is a unique city tour that combines photography with discovering Buenos Aires. Their...

Artists paint murals at Borda mental hospital[BA Street Art]
Artists were painting new murals in the grounds of Hospital Borda in Barracas yesterday just a few metres away from the scene where violent clashes took place between the Metropolitan Police and...

Sunday, 28 April 2013

New York, New York Resto Bar Gourmet[The Gill Family]
We celebrated another birthday here in Buenos Aires, Jon turned 32! As I searched for candles for this year's cake, it amazed me that we had the "29" candles from the first year we lived here. That...

Saturday, 27 April 2013

What I love about Buenos Aires 4 – Suspendido Por Lluvia![The 5th Floor]
You’ve got to love a city where the people don’t go out in the rain. Where previous plans are considered null and void for any more than a passing shower. Where there is no shame in withdrawing from...

Friday, 26 April 2013

Bröeders Beer Night at NOLA: Amazing Beer & Food in Buenos Aires[Gringo in BA]
The other week I had the pleasure of attending Bröeders Beer Night at NOLA. NOLA, a closed door restaurant which serves Creole dishes, is the creation of Liza Puglia, a chef from New Orleans. NOLA...

Two guys, a girl and some beer: BRÖEDERS Beer Night at NOLA[Pick Up The Fork]
Pulled pork sandwiches, Southern-style fried chicken, honey mustard sauce, coleslaw, potato salad, home brewed artisan beer, IPA, Golden Ale, Porter, Scottish Ale, if a few years ago someone was to...

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Argentine Pastries[Inside Buenos Aires]
(Photo by Xiaozhuli) We’re not sure what the consumption of medialunas per capita is in Argentina, but we’re guessing it’s pretty high and right up there with meat. So, it’s no surprise that Buenos...

Malegria new mural in San Telmo[BA Street Art]
Malegria has painted a big new mural in San Telmo. Features a colourful animal collage of cats and animals with pointing fingers playing ‘trompo’. Colours and a variety of textures stand out along...

Basque in the Spotlight[SaltShaker]
As I said in yesterday’s post, there’s just so much pizza one can eat, and I’ve got to mix it up a bit. I’d decided to also get back to searching out those lovely little parrilladas de pescados y...

Cocina Sunae – Getting it Right![The 5th Floor]
I had to go out for dinner on Thursday night. We had a party to go to and here in BA no one goes to a party before midnight. The hours are complicated for an Englishman. I could have cooked …...

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Everything Dutch[Inside Buenos Aires]
(Photo by spike55151) With Prince William-Alexander and Maxima’s coronation coming up next week, Holland is in the midst of preparations for the festivities, and Buenos Aires is also focusing on...

Olsen[The Gill Family]
After years of enjoying Tegui on special occasions, we finally visited Olsen, the original restaurant opened by Germán Martitegui. Olsen (Gorriti 5870, Palermo; 4776-7677) is a Scandinavian...

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Buenos Aires International Book Fair 2013[Inside Buenos Aires]
(Photo by murphyeppoon) The 2013 Feria Internacional del Libro (international book fair) kicks of this Thursday topping off April’s full cultural agenda. The annual fair is the world’s largest...

The Perfect Italian: in Bocca al Lupo Caffé[Pick Up The Fork]
If in Bocca al Lupo was single, it would be quite the catch. Good looking? Check. Great personality? Check. Appealing to the taste buds? Check.Check. Stronglikebull coffee? Triplo check. A wonderful...

Monday, 22 April 2013

Interview with Adolfo Aristarain, one of Argentina´s greatest Movie Directors[Filming in Argentina]
Adolfo Aristarain, the highlighted director of the 2013 BAFICI, sits down with blogger Benjamin Harguindey and explains that Argentina now gives more money to a movie than Spain, and why he never...

Don’t Fall in Love, Fall in Mate[.My.Beautiful.Air.]
With Winter in Buenos Aires, comes the season of despedidas. And despedidas bring with them a lot of powerful emotions. And sometimes, if you’re lucky …

Saturday, 20 April 2013

2013 BAFICI Winners[Filming in Argentina]
by Benjamin Harguindey, contributing blogger The English film Berberian Sound Studio, by Peter Strickland, was voted Best Film of the International Official Selection of the BAFICI, and Santiago...

Friday, 19 April 2013

So what do you expect for a hundred pesos?[The 5th Floor]
Saturday was a long day. Feeling slightly jaded from the previous night’s Oasis Club 2nd Anniversary celebrations, we went to lunch with the creator of All Things and more specifically the creator of...
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