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Sep 22, 2012
Monday, 03 November

Rumi Nightclub[Buenos Aires Argentina Guide]
Avenida Figueroa Alcorta 6442 (near La Pampa), Costanera Norte
[Note from Alan: I'm still here! I promise! I didn't leave the country! I haven't updated the blog for ages because I've been so busy w...

Argentina's Financial Roller Coaster[Washington Post]
At 75, Juan D'Ambrosio has seen it all in Argentina -- a populist strongman and military juntas, economic collapse and a bright, if perhaps fleeting, revival...

Four Shot In Riots[FourFourTwo]
FOUR Huracan fans were shot in riots in Buenos Aires following the 1-0 win against Estudiantes on Saturday...

Argentina: Pension Fund Fallout[Latin Business Chronicle]
How would Argentina's pension fund takeover affect the economy? Four experts share their predictions...

Sunday, 02 November

Q&A: The Northwest versus Buenos Aires[The Flyvemaskine Diaries]
We had a question from Joe in Seattle regarding things to consider when moving here. There are certainly, pro’s and con’s to living here verses the northwest, and I’ll do my b...

Daily Pic 26 : Cats in the Botanic Gardens[The Silver River]
The Garden is full of cats.

HDTV Comes To Argentina[The Argentine Post]
It’s been a long wait, but HDTV has finally come to Argentina. CableVisión announced this weekend that it has started offering offering two channels, HBO HD and Movie City HD, in high de...

Gay Pride - Argentine Style - Marcha del Orgullo XVII[Beatrice M's blog]
Argentine Pride Flag , originally uploaded by blmurch . Saturday afternoon, I joined Cate at Plaza de Mayo and enjoyed the beautiful afternoon at the Gay Pride Faire & and then watched the G...

San Rafael Trio[SaltShaker]
My family purchased vineyards in Napa Valley over 35 years ago, and I have been making wine for almost 25 years, with over 30 harvests under my belt. I was fortunate to make my own wines at Ro...

Saturday, 01 November

Notable buildings that are no longer[Buenos Aires, City of Faded Elegance]
While browsing around a bookstore in San Telmo today I found a volume of photographs that fits perfectly with my City that Fades Away series: Arquitecturas ausentes: obras notables demolidas en la...

Hunting for Schools in Baires — Redux[micheleandtom.com]
One of the things that I found the most frustrating prior to my move was trying to obtain information on schools while still in the United States. So, here’s a breakdown, with links, on what I...

Living Democratically: 25 Years to Life?[Romancing Argentina]
Some personal values become even clearer when living in a different culture. Take democracy, for instance. Living in a democracy was something I took more or less for granted growing up in the ...

Friday, 31 October

Random Observations: Week 11 & 12[Discover Buenos Aires]
One nice thing about numbering all of the Random Observations is that we know exactly how long we’ve been here, and wow, 12 weeks goes by really quickly. Some of our new and improved random...

Garlic vendor[Buenos Aires Daily]
Although it is common to see street vendors for all kind of things, I did not yet see someone selling garlic cloves.
This picture has been taken by Linda & Don from TheTravelzine.com ...

Vibrant Buenos Aires can be easy on the wallet[CNN]
Prices have crept up since 2001, but it's still a great value. Amid the current global economic turmoil, the Argentine peso recently dropped to its lowest level in nearly six years...
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