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Sep 22, 2012
Tuesday, 03 November

Malbec, Glorious Malbec[LandingPadBA]
When most people think of Argentine wine, it’s likely that the first thing they’ll think of is malbec.

Plan Medico / Health Insurance[Yillabean]
so, i finally got some health insurance...last week i went to Hospital Aleman, i sat down with a woman in the Plan Medico office. we spoke all in english. she told me about the different plans.

Ciro James Spying Scandal Grows[The Argentimes]
A former member of the federal police, with close links to Macri, has been arrested for tapping various phone conversations, including some in the city’s ministry of education ...

Monday, 02 November

Buenos Aires Graffiti Artist Spotlight[tourist2townie]
If you've been to Buenos Aires you can understand the significance of graffiti art and how prevalent it is throughout the city. I came across these insane videos at woostercollective.com that showcase different graffiti artists in South America.

Sunday, 01 November

Male Restroom Etiquette in Argentina[The Argentine Post]
Men can be pigs. And they can be most swine-like when it comes to bathroom behavior...

Along the footbridge..[Buenos Aires Daily]
Perito Moreno glacier. El Calafate.

Tourney in Temperley[micheleandtom.com]
Ordinarily, I like to sleep in on Saturday mornings, but today, Zoe’s chess teacher had other plans for me. Once every month or so, he volunteers at a junior chess tournament, and he encourages all of his students to participate.

Saturday, 31 October

Jugá Beisbol, Che![Buenos Aires Photographer - Big Pics of BA]
Just off the freeway leading to the airport at Ezeiza is Argentina's baseball complex. Baseball is way, way, way down on the list of sports played in Argentina ...

ArtFutura Buenos Aires - Second edition 2009[My Buenos Aires Travel Guide]
ArtFutura, the festival of Digital Culture and Creativity of reference in Spain since 1990, arrives for the second time in Buenos Aires. It will be held between November 5 and November 8, 2009 at MALBA

Museum Night 2009 - La Noche de los Museos 2009[My Buenos Aires Travel Guide]
The Ministry of Culture of the City of Buenos Aires presents the 6th Edition of La Noche de los Museos - Museum Night 2009, that will take place on November 14, 2009.
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