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Sep 22, 2012
Monday, 30 November

The Madres de Plaza de Mayo[LandingPadBA]
If you’ve ever wandered into Plaza de Mayo on a Thursday afternoon, you’ve probably gotten at least a glimpse of the Madres walking solemnly around the statue in front of the Casa Rosada. It’s a touch...

Salta, la linda[Places to visit in Argentina]
Salta is one of the most beautifull places in Argentina, with great and spectacular landscapes, it is a province that should be visited if you are planing to travel to Argentina. Amon...

Glory on hold for fallen giants [Sowetan]
Argentina won two editions of the World Cup, but the most recent was in 1986 and they approach South Africa 2010 from a platform of recent disappointments and poor results...

Locust-Hit Argentina Races to Save Crops[Bloomberg]
Wheat farmers in Argentina are racing to spray fields and avert what may be the biggest plague of locusts in 30 years from attacking their harvest...

Sunday, 29 November

National Ñoqui Day[My Buenos Aires Life]
On the 29th of every month, Argentines traditionally eat ñoquis (gnoccis in English). Why, you ask? Allow me to explain. There is a LOT of Italian influence in Buenos Aires. Much like the United Sta...

The edge[Sallycat's Adventures]
Yesterday, on the path of going with the flow, I discovered a not-to-be-missed stunner of a place in Buenos Aires. Remember how the last little instalment of Sallycat’s Adventures saw me t...

The Dakar rally 2010 Argentina - Chile[My Buenos Aires Travel Guide]
The 2010 Dakar will take place in Argentina and Chile from the 1st to the 17th of January, in an amazing course of 9000 km. In 2010, Argentina and Chile will jointly celebrate the bi...

Saturday, 28 November

Happy-ish Thanksgiving[La Vida Desconocida]
I had been looking forward to this Thanksgiving since last Thanksgiving . As is so often the case, I built up this one night in my head so that it never could have lived up to my expectations. Which ...

Friday, 27 November

Overview of the Monotributo System[Investing and Doing Business in Argentina]
Monotributo - An Excellent Tax System For Sole Proprietors This post will cover the monotributo system, a special parallel tax system that frees the sole proprietor from having to comply with the ...

Gran Milonga Nacional 2009 - Open Air Tango Dancing[My Buenos Aires Travel Guide]
"La Gran Milonga Nacional" , an open air event with live orchestras and street tango dancing on Avenida de Mayo , will take place this year on Saturday, December 5th . The celebration, which ever...

Al Jazeera Video: Argentina’s Strange New DNA Law[The Argentine Post]
Al Jazeera does it again, this time taking a look at Argentina’s oddest new law. The law could force hundreds of people to give DNA samples in a bid to find out who their real parents were and.....

Thursday, 26 November

Taking a Dive and Other Cogitations on the Game of Football, AKA Soccer[micheleandtom.com]
Taking a Dive. Being 43 years old and from the United States means that I was raised without any tradition of watching soccer as a sporting event. American football, basketball, baseball, b...

A Beginners Guide to Polo[LandingPadBA]
It’s November in Buenos Aires, which means it’s time for the Campeonato Argentino Abierto de Polo (Argentine Open Polo Championship). Games will be held every Satur...

national plants[Why on earth did I move to Argentina?]
There is a lot to do about Carlos Thays, the landscape architect. *Not only is his name mentioned quite often, now there is an exhibition in the Centro Cultural de Recoleta, that ends the 4th o...

irishatbay[Irishatbay's Blog]
Well, I have been here for two weeks now, and starting to settle in to my new life here in the Southern Hemisphere. I thought I would reflect on the differences, and the similarities between here, ...

katti[Why on earth did I move to Argentina?]
Yes I knew this story was to be continued… I found out that there is something more important than communication. It is so fundamental that I never even questioned it. It is electricity. If i...
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