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Jul 17, 2009
Sunday, 22 November 2015

Why Wall Street cares a lot about Argentina's elections[KSPR]
KSPRArgentina will elect a new president Sunday who could finally end a decade-long battle between the hedge funds and Argentina over huge debt payments. Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, and her predecessor and late husband, Nestor, have governed the...and more

Saturday, 21 November 2015

As Argentina's Queen Cristina says farewell, her enemies wait in the wings[The Guardian]
If that proves to be the case, Argentina will be veering away from eight years of rapprochement with partners in South America and beyond, including Venezuela, Cuba, China and Russia – all countries with which Fernández developed close commercial or ...

Friday, 20 November 2015

Argentina elections: Will the economy recover?[BBC News]
BBC NewsArgentina's battered economy is suffering from a number of ills - and the two candidates in Sunday's presidential election run-off vote offer starkly different remedies. But no matter who wins, there is a high risk of financial chaos in South America's ... Argentina Tempts Big Money Managers Again

San Telmo: Buenos Aires Neighborhood Tips[LandingPadBA]
Tips and recommendations for San Telmo neighborhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Where to eat, where to shop and what to check out.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Countdown To Ballotage: 4 Days[The Bubble]
As the ballotage campaigns goes on, more politicians and prominent characters have come out in support of the Victory Front’s (FpV) Daniel Scioli and Cambiemos’ Mauricio Macri. Things are getting more intense as the fateful 22nd draws near. Are we ready?

Where to get Brunch in Buenos Aires[The Argentina Independent]
The Villa Crespo location is in an open, airy building with high ceilings, but it has a cute, eclectic feel to it. There is a hotchpotch of antiques and vintage items from different eras, including old telephones, newspaper clippings, a vinyl record player, and paintings of plants.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Foreigners Will Have To Pay To Visit Recoleta Cemetery[The Bubble]
Recoleta Cemetery, the 193 year-old must-see attraction in the Argentina capital hounded year after year by keen-eyed tourists hoping to catch a glimpse of Evita Peron’s grave, announced that it will be charging foreigners with an entrance fee in order to fund the upkeep of its 54.843 meter-square perimeter.

Monday, 16 November 2015

The Indy Eye: Buenos Aires Jazz Festival 2015[The Argentina Independent]
Over the last five days, the Buenos Aires Jazz Festival has brought a new beat to the city of tango. A mixture of local and international artists came together for live shows in several stand out venues, including the Teatro Colón and Usina del Arte. An estimated 90,000 people attended the 60+ musical performances, film projections, and jazz workshops.

And None For Daniel Scioli: Macri Debate Kiss Goes Viral[The Bubble]
Mauricio Macri certainly did give us a very cheeky insight into his love life, as, after the two wives of our presidential hopefuls were called on stage, he treated viewers everywhere to a very passionate kiss with his beloved, Juliana Awada. All the while, Victory Front’s (FpV) Daniel Scioli looked on awkwardly.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

The Rundown On Volunteering: How To Give Back Without Going Broke[The Bubble]
As the name would lead us to believe, there is a strong emphasis on cultural diversity. A lot of foreigners volunteer thanks to exchange programs that have been set up. The best thing about this NGO is its vast options of activities that volunteers can help with. From soup kitchens, to sports, to AIDS prevention or even trips to Patagonia; it’s hard to struggle with ...

Friday, 13 November 2015

A Guide: Daniel Scioli For Beginners[The Bubble]
As he ascended quickly through the ranks in those early years, Scioli picked up additional allies like Domingo Cavallo, the economist responsible for the cataclysmic AR$1/US$1 currency exchange, and Eduardo Duhalde, who was then the governor of Buenos Aires Province. Scioli’s new friends helped him get reelected in 2001 and then move on to ...

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Economists warn of devaluation[Buenos Aires Herald]
A growing number of economists who are not aligned with the ruling Victory Front (FpV) are warning against the 50 percent devaluation that Lets Change presidential hopeful Mauricio Macri has suggested could become a reality if he wins the presidency.

The Big Bang Data Exhibition: When Technology Meets Art[The Bubble]
Texts, whatsapps, photos of last night’s party that you uploaded to Facebook… Do you ever wonder where all of this data is stored? It’s not all that virtual. Those tweets that you regretted and deleted haven’t actually been deleted. That data is stored and processed in a big room somewhere, on a hard drive that’s trapped between hundreds of thousands of other ...

The Scoop on this Week’s Jazz Festival in Buenos Aires[The Argentina Independent]
For intimate live shows where you can practically make eye contact with the musicians, sit with a glass of wine and take in the moody atmosphere, try clubs Cafe Vinilo and Thelonious. Meanwhile, the Jewish organisation AMIA is holding swing nights while Margen del Mundo is showing documentaries about the inner life of Argentine jazz followed by live shows.

Saturday, 07 November 2015

To devalue or not, star of campaign[Buenos Aires Herald]
The debate over what to do with the countrys exchange rate is finally seeing some definitions.
... Victory Front (FpV) candidate Daniel Scioli said the dollar would remain “below 10 pesos” come January 2016.

Fugitive Mexican kingpin 'El Chapo' Guzmán may have made it all the way to Argentina[Business Insider]
Security forces in Argentina and Chile are reportedly searching for fugitive Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzmán, after a red alert from international police agency Interpol about the kingpin's possible presence in the region. According to ...

Friday, 06 November 2015

Fly for me, Argentina[New Zealand Herald]
It begins flights to Buenos Aires after five years of scouting South America, a service it says will make money from the get-go, but one that has been its most challenging long-haul route to set up. The route is a commitment worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Top 10 ‘If Macri Wins…’ Memes[The Bubble]
anti-Macri campaign videos hit TV screens last Sunday, the BU! (Boo to you anglophones out there) Campaign made its way to Facebook. With the ironic motto You vote better with fear, the page has dedicated itself to answering fear with humor, with some delightful results.

Where To Kill A Hangover: Palermo Edition[The Bubble]
Burger Joint is to hangover what milk is to cereal. They’re just meant to be. No medicine could ever taste this good. This his burger oasis does come with a major drawback: there are too many options to chose from, and they’re all just as insanely delicious.

Taking in Tango: Recommendations for the Best Shows in Buenos Aires[LandingPadBA]
Whatever your age, budget and interest, there’s some form of tango that will delight and, quite likely, move you. To net out the best of the best, here’s a distillation of the top-rated professional tango shows, venues and options to help you choose.

Mapuche leader found "not guilty" in unprecedented trial in Argentina[Intercontinental Cry]
could be heard echoing throughout the streets of the sleepy mining town of Zapala in southwest Argentina. After eight days of intense deliberations in court and more than three years of preparation ...

Was Argentina's election stolen? Here's how you can tell.[Washington Post]
Mauricio Macri's surprisingly strong showing against Daniel Scioli in the Oct. 25 presidential election shook up Argentina's political landscape. The main question before the election was whether Scioli, the candidate of president Cristina Fernández's ...

Thursday, 05 November 2015

The Bubble’s Guide To Gay Pride Buenos Aires 2015[The Bubble]
Plata, is still a fight the community and its supporters need to heed as mattering. Argentina is an undeniable leader in promoting LGBTQ rights. It’s our job to push policy makers to maintain this country’s position as a regional leader and keep creating laws that protect the vulnerable and empower the disenfranchised.

Wednesday, 04 November 2015

'We will standardize the dollar exchange rate'[Buenos Aires Herald]
Alfonso Prat Gay, who is likely to be appointed Argentinas economy minister if Mauricio Macri wins the November 22 runoff, said the Cambiemos opposition coalition aims at standardizing the foreign exchange rate so that the (official) dollar rate goes up and the rest go down.

Festival of the Foreign Communities 2015[BA Travel Guide]
There will be 60 stands offering typical crafts, regional products, books, clothes, ceramics, bijou, musical instruments, and traditional food and drinks. The international menu will include German beer, Oriental shawarmas, Brazilian cachaça Spanish paella, Paraguayan soup ...

Here's the Real Legacy of the Kirchners in Argentina[Bloomberg]
President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner warns voters that they stand to lose everything they gained under 12 years of government by herself and her late husband if they vote for the opposition. Her approval ratings show that half the ...

8-year-old transgender sparks hope -- and controversy -- in conservative Argentina[Fox News Latino]
Luana grabs her sparkly blue dress with one hand and spins, using her other hand as a guide while a strand of tulle floats around her body. The 8-year-old has long brown curls, gold butterfly earrings and an amulet with a ...

Tuesday, 03 November 2015

Argentines fluent in English[Buenos Aires Herald]
Argentines are the most fluent English-speakers in Latin America according to the EF English Proficiency Index 2015 report — a study that analyzes the State of Worldwide English Proficiency. Globally the country came in 15th place out of the 70 countries that participated in the study.

Patagonian Hares Loose In Palermo Spark ‘Kangaroo’ Twitter Craze[The Bubble]
Two Patagonian hares originally mistaken for kangaroos supposedly escaped from the Palermo zoo earlier today and were sighted hopping around the intersection between Santa Fe and Scalabrini Ortiz. One has since been ...

Argentina's Cuevana sued for piracy in Uruguay[Fox News Latino]
Uruguay's Anti-Piracy Association has sued Cuevana, an Argentine Web site that allows users to watch television series and movies for free, to prevent access to its content in Uruguay.

Monday, 02 November 2015

The Hollywood Deli: Il Posto Mercato[Pick Up The Fork]
It was December, 2014. I saw a sign on the corner of Humboldt and Soler: FIAMBRES, QUESOS, PICADAS, VINO. Since Im a proponent of each one of those things, I stepped inside to check what this new place was all about. Wines, meats, cheeses, breads, bagels, coffee and sandwiches I creepily walked around the ...

Après nous, le déluge ! *[katti.me]
It feels like a good wind is blowing over Argentina. It all started with the celebrations after it was known that Scioli (the pro-K presidential candidate) had about 36% and Macri (the opposition) with his party suitably called ‘Cambiemos’ (let’s change) had 34% of the votes.
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