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Sep 22, 2012
Wednesday, 14 October

Al Gore Giving Talks in Argentina This Week[The Argentine Post]
Al Gore, the Nobel Prize winning former vice president of the United States, is in Argentina. Gore will give four talks around the country on Wednesday and Thursday. He’ll be speaking first in ...

Most Argentines Say Falklands Are Important Issue[The Argentine Post]
According to the polling firm Ibarómetro, 79% of those polled said the islands – known here as Las Malvinas – are either pretty or very important to the country.

A Peek into People’s Life and Past[The Argentimes]
For the tenth time, Banco Ciudad chose to give a chance to photography professionals and amateurs to exhibit their work Centro Cultural Recoleta. The exhibition includes pictures of the last ten conte...

UPDATED: 1999 Argentina Video: “Menem Lo Hizo”[The Argentine Post]
*This post has been updated to better reflect the more nuanced perspective which I wished to convey in the original post. It’s been almost exactly 10 years since this advertisement hit...

Saturday, 10 October

Controversial Media Law Passed in the Senate[The Argentimes]
The Senate has approved the controversial new Audiovisual Communications law by a wide margin. After 16 hours of heated debate, with 44 votes in favour and 22 opposed, the law was passed at 6am on the...

Friday, 09 October

On Anthems and the Americas[micheleandtom.com]
I was reminded at Zelda’s school production celebrating Cristobal Colón ’s discovery of the Americas that we folks from the U.S. are very impatient and direct. We don’t hav...

Linking Chicago to Buenos Aires[Buenosaires Herald]
The author then draws a parallel between Chicago and Buenos Aires. He says the two cities are "strikingly similar". Both Chicago and Buenos Aires were conduits "for the agricultural wealth of the hinterland."
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