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Jul 17, 2009
Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Taxi Fares Set to Increase[The Argentina Independent]
Taxi fares in the city of Buenos Aires are set to increase by 12% beginning this Sunday in an effort to bring prices more in line with the rise in drivers’ pay. It is the second increase this year as...

5 Hot Lunch Spots in Palermo[Inside Buenos Aires]
- Baraka: This colorful and lively Palermo venue is only open during the day, and despite not serving alcohol is always full, which is a good sign. Their menu includes salads, sandwiches and dishes...

Top 5 Buenos Aires Phone Apps[The Argentina Independent]
Buenos Aires is a massive city and arriving can be quite overwhelming at first; everything is new and you do not know where to go. Acquiring some tools for manoeuvring around big urban centres like...

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Street artists paint school in La Plata, Buenos Aires[BA Street Art]
Street artists including Luxor, Acra, Ice, Oz Montania, Erica Chun Li, Zesar, Japem, Iron, Tosh, Chaman, Lacast Stencil, Cons Kamikaze, Mat C, Nero, Cafe and Krauz have transformed a school and a...

Monday, 22 October 2012

An incredible photo tour of Buenos Aires[City of Faded Elegance]
On Saturday I went on a photography tour that is a great way to experience Buenos Aires, and I strongly recommend that everyone place Fota Ruta high on a list of things to do in Buenos Aires. I put...

Argentina Franchises Downsize To Attract New Investors[InvestBA]
Smaller footprint. Less overhead. Fewer or even no employees. For established franchises operating in Argentina today, less is definitely more when it comes to growing the network and attracting new...

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Buenos Aires Street Art[Inside Buenos Aires]
(Photo by mckaysavage) The Buenos Aires street art scene has become increasingly well known since its rapid boom that started with the 2001 economic crisis. The state of unrest led young artists to...

L’adesso: A Taste of the Real Italy in Buenos Aires[Pick Up The Fork]
In a country dominated by those of Italian ancestry, it takes a real life Italian to bring the true flavors of Italy. Born in Puglia, Italian Cuisine Master Chef, Leonardo Fumarola, puts a modern and...

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Cafe Margot, Boedo[BuenosTours]
The post Cafe Margot, Boedo appeared first on Buenos Aires Tours.Cafe Margot is a classic Buenos Aires café, that has been serving up coffee, medialunas, beer, wine and its famous turkey sandwiches...

Monday, 15 October 2012

Italian celebration in Buenos Aires[BA Travel Guide]
This event is part of a program of festivities destined to pay homage to the different communities present in the city, that has been carried out throughout the year. This time the invited country...

Friday, 12 October 2012

How to Get to Tigre from Buenos Aires[Wander Argentina]
There are two trains, a couple of buses and a commuter boat that go to Tigre from Buenos Aires. • Mitre Train The most economical way to get to Tigre from Buenos Aires is via the Linea Mitre train....

One Year Later: 10 Things about Buenos Aires that Now Seem Normal[Before We Age]
On May 13, 2011, we announced our plans to pack up from Los Angeles to head to the Midwest via a not-so-direct detour. Our detour through Buenos Aires, Argentina, is now officially at the one year...

Top Places for Picnics in BA[Inside Buenos Aires]
(Photo by twopolishedpennies) Picnics are one of the many perks of nice weather, and are both enjoyable and cheap options to savour delicious nourishment in the outdoors. Now that spring is upon us,...
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