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Sep 22, 2012
Thursday, 24 September

Spicy Spicy Food Week[micheleandtom.com]
The Argentine palate is known for being somewhat bland when it comes to spices…really, their cuisine shies away from any sort of bold flavor. This has led to us experiencing unnaturally...

Recommended Concerts in October, November and December, 2009[My Buenos Aires Travel Guide]
FRIDAY 2 MIRANDA Miranda!, the Argentine group led by Ale Sergi, with Juliana Gattas, Lolo Fuentes and Nicolás “Monoto” Grimaldi, offers the show presenting Miranda es im...

feria de mataderos[Yillabean]
this past weekend i went to the "feria de mataderos" or in english the "slaughterhouse market". the neighborhood is called "mataderos" (slaughterhouse) because...well, it used to be an area of live ...

A Glutton´s Journey[In search of Macondo]
It has been many months now since the tin of Heinz baked beans sat proudly on the table, hand delivered from London to the southernmost tip of Argentina. And what delight it brought to those who sat d...

Light and music show: the Bicentennial's Beacon[My Buenos Aires Travel Guide]
The emblematic lighthouse located at the top of the tower of Palacio Barolo, chosen as one of the symbols for the commemoration of the 200 years of May 1810 Revolution, will be put to work again o...

Wednesday, 23 September

32% of Argentines Have Seen a Psychologist[The Argentine Post]
Almost one third of Argentines have visited a psychologist or psychiatrist for treatment, according to a new survey released this week by TNS Gallup.

Al Jazeera Video: Argentina’s New Media Legislation[The Argentine Post]
There’s been much ado recently about the Argentine government’s legislative effort to reform a media law dating back to the military dictatorship. Advocates of the legislation, submitted.....

Erotic BA[Buenos Aires through my eyes]
In case you´ve traveled without your sexual toy (I´m sure you didn´t) or that you are looking to buy a new one, you are lucky, because you can go to the Xex Buenos Aires expo erotica. What kind of t...

How about Churros?[Buenos Aires Daily]
This is a re-post first published on September 21st, 2006. How about some fried pastry dough today? This is very, very popular in Spain, from where it originated, in France, Latin America, and the...

Trading with the MERCOSUR countries[mercatrade.com]
Mercosur -- the Southern Common Market -- is a regional trade agreement in South America among Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. With its member countries covering over ...

Tuesday, 22 September

Variety: ‘El Secreto’ is a ‘Mesmerizing’ Film[The Argentine Post]
El Secreto de Sus Ojos, Juan Jose Campanella’s new film starring Ricardo Darín is “simply mesmerizing,” according to a recent review of the movie by Variety magazine. From the...

Rucula 2 x 2.50[Buenos Aires Photographer - Big Pics of BA]
Two bunches of rucula for 2.50 pesos. All the English menus here use the British term "rocket" instead of rucula. Lame! Basil and cherry tomatoes. I think I'll make pasta tonight.

Amid Flu Fears, Tourism Tumbled in July[The Argentine Post]
As the A/H1N1 swine flu virus scared people away, international tourism plummeted in July, leading to Argentina’s worst month in ages. Fearful tourists avoid the country like the plague. The...

Argentina´s beauties from the air[Places to visit in Argentina]
These are some great images from different places in Argentina that will show you how beautiful nature is. I´m sure that once you see these pictures you will fall in love with Argentina. H...

How to Travel to Argentina with a Pet[eHow]
began to look into were the regulations regarding traveling with a pet to Argentina. There aren’t any ridiculous regulations to worry about, but ...
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