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Sep 22, 2012
Saturday, 05 September

With Help From Clarín, Kirchner Rises from the Ashes[The Argentine Post]
Like the mythical Phoenix that dies in flames and is reborn from its own ashes, former president Néstor Kirchner this week reemerged*from the quietude of his self-imposed isolation following a stu...

Friday, 04 September

Swearing Translated: Part 6[LandingPadBAYour Alternative Guide to Buenos Aires »]
Hi to all those venturing forth into the land beyond Oz. If you’re going to be spending some time here, you should know both how to tell if you’re being cussed out and how to do it yourself, just in c...

Local Heroes Return to Rosario[The Argentimes]
On 5th September Argentina’s national football team take on Brazil in Rosario in a crucial World Cup qualifier, the first time los albicelestes will have played a competitive match in the city since t...

Lujan Zoo in Argentina[Hall of Multimedia]
Here at the Lujan Zoo near Buenos Aires visitors can ride lions, cuddle bears, stroke tigers and feed cheetahs. Cages are accessible to everyone who ...

Thursday, 03 September

Banff Mountain Film Festival Hitting Buenos Aires[The Argentine Post]
The Banff Mountain Film Festival , a traveling festival dedicated to screening adventure and sometimes death-defying*extreme sports movies, is about to arrive in Buenos Aires...

Rodrigo Memorial[Buenos Aires Photographer - Big Pics of BA]
Just a few hundred meters from the parrilla [in the post below] is a memorial to cuarteto signer Rodrigo Bueno who died in a car crash near the spot in 2000 returning from a gig in La Plata. I rem...

photo: my 50 falso[Yillabean]
(photo above: my false 50 peso note) crap, how did this happen again? it happened once before when i first arrived. i remembered who gave me my first "falso" (a hotel) so i went back to comp...

Bus ‘Confiscated’ As Buenos Aires Toughens Traffic Controls[The Argentimes]
A motorbike and a bus on the 101 line were confiscated on this morning, as part of a new campaign to improve road safety in the city of Buenos Aires. Both vehicles failed to stop at a red light on San...

Wednesday, 02 September

World Press Photo Coming To Buenos Aires[The Argentine Post]
If you like art and photography, mark your calendars now. The globally renown World Press Photo is coming to Buenos Aires. WPP organizes “the world’s largest and most prestigi...

Great monuments of Buenos Aires: Torre de los Ingleses[Places to visit in Argentina]
Torre de los Ingleses(English Tower) is a monument located in Retiro neigbourhood in Buenos Aires. It is situated in the Fuerza Aerea Argentina plaza. The Torre de los Ingleses was bui...

Argentina's Swap Isn't The Most Attractive Deal In The World[WSJ]
The Argentine government's attempt to retire inflation-linked bonds isn't exactly the most appealing deal in the world for investors.

Rare American goose decoy to be auctioned in NYC[AP|Google News]
A rare, 19th century hand-carved goose decoy that once plied Pennsylvania before being sold in Argentina, and considered by some to be a floating sculpture, is going on the auction block. It could bring in as much as $400,000.
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