Data plans for local mobile phones / SIMs


Dec 19, 2008
Hi ho,

Have read a bunch of great posts here about getting set-up with local mobile service (this one was particularly useful).

However, I've not been able to determine if I can get a "pay as you go" SIM with a data plan?

Hoping for some insight before I head off to get a local SIM for my Canadian mobile phone.

We have "factura" plans with Claro and we had no problem adding a data plan (~AR $25 /mo for 100 MB) to one of our lines. It works fine with our jailbroken iPhone 2G and 3G. Not sure about data plans for pre-paid SIMs, but you might want to inquire with Claro. They were helpful, while no one at Personal was ever able to answer our Q's about their plans and offers. Good luck!
Many thanks LivingLargeBA,

Very helpful information. Is it difficult to get a "real" plan with Claro vs. a pay-as-you-go plan? I'd certainly go that way, if it easy to navigate and available for non-residents.

Personal is the worse, it shows how low are Argentine service standards, their customer service is bad, they offer promotions you never get, I buy credit and it ends after one day and is more expensive without a plan. I'm trapped with my Personal cell phone and I don't want to change it just because I want to keep the number, but my husband has Movistar and they have better service, rates and very useful promotions every week, we just bought the SIM card for $5 AR and charge the phone buying a card or virtually at carrefour and pharmacity, very simple and without commitments with any provider.