Dating in BA


I do not beleive that you need to attack Durazno to express your opinion . There are better ways to make your point!


The thing is all this stuff is just ritual. Nature, God, whatever has it set up that humans reproduce to keep the species going, at 6.5 Billion "Mission Accomplished" I'd say. The way to work it for you guys is the "Dudester" method. NEVER put woman at the center of your universe (that's what they want but in reality they don't reality like it). Don't date disco/dance club girls - meet them at stores, banks, restaurants and always act sort of indifferent cause "you got better things to do". Now women love this. Take it slow, joke around a lot, make the first date very casual - Lunch? Don't rush it, "You got better things to do". Keep it at this slow, could care less attitude pace and you'll find yourself at "Ground Zero" before you know it....but take your time, REMEMBER, "you have better things to do". Man, I just gave away the secrets of the universe but IT WORKS !!!! Pay me when I get down there - lol....


Why not get the "low down" directly from an Argentine "expert on the subject (who also happens to be a woman)?This page does not contain any explicit adult content:


"CABJ" said:
I would think it´s sad if you try to date woman in banks, stores and restaurant
QUE??? Why is that sad, their guard is not up and your guard is not up (like at a stupid DISCO) you are both just doing normal daily activities. I'll put my success rate (about 95%) against any method you have any day of the week. BTW, I wasn't into numbers, I was into quality. Numbers is for some insecure game player to put notches on his belt. So I don't where you meet them CABJ but the DUDESTER method has worked PERFECTO for me and my friends. Don't knock it till you try it. Also, take a look around, doesn't seem like much does work well - this method kicks ass !!!


"MichaelJr (GUEST)" said:
about this "other women thing"...remind me to stay far away from female expats in Argentina!

All the girls posting on here sound like bitter old American feminists.

Personally I do not care if my girlfriend strays a little bit. It's only human! I think most advance socities realize that is can be very restrictive to be tied down to one person over a long period.

Only in the USA are the people living in a fantasy land that there's 1 person out there for you! And we have a divorce rate of 50%! Hypocrites!
What you really mean to say Michael is; its great to fuck more than one woman at the same time AND get away with it!
love your posts durazno! you go girlfriend


Quoting "CABJ": "I would think it´s sad if you try to date woman in banks, stores and restaurant"
I mightn't agree with "Dudester" about much (then again, I might -- but not with his mode of expression), but I must say that I, too, have found the salient aspects that he outlined to be about right: sadly so, perhaps, but really so nonetheless.
And I'm no "player".


Hey girls... and boys.
I´m an Argentinian man, living in Buenos Aires now, after spending 11 years in USA (New York) and 2 years in Europe (London and Barcelona). I find that there are good and bad everywhere, and it is not wise to generalise.
I was married to an american girl in NY for 4 years. It was a great experience which I learned a lot from, even though it did not have a happy ending. It is true that there are some cultural differencies and all, but you learn how to overcome them. You must be wondering "what the heck is this guy talking about??? He got divorced after only 4 years!" True, but it doesn´t have anything to do with the fact that I am an Argie and she is American... I enjoyed the experience a lot and I was glad I got to live with a girl from a different culture than mine... we both learned a lot and took whatever was good from the other´s culture and customs...
It is true that we latins are more inclined to express our feelings more openly and some of you WASPS, think it is too much, but (I speak for myself only) I cannot hold back my feelings, if I think a woman is beautiful, I tell her that she is, I always exteriorise whatever I´m feeling... is that so wrong? I don´t know, I guess I like being in love.... no matter where the other person is from... we are human beings and despite the fact that we could have different cultures and/or customs, we can learn a lot from each other and it could be a great experience, so... American girls... don´t be afraid of dating Argentinian men, it could be a great experience (as it could be great with a Brazilian, a Swedish or a German guy... you get my point) people are people, and believe me, we do have a lot of things in common.


"Niteman" said:
It is true that we latins are more inclined to express our feelings more openly
If the talk is about Latina´s, I think it´s a hoax
After hearing a million times:
Because I feel like that
I want you to understand that I am sad, without I have to say that,
etc, etc, etc
I just don´t believe it and I think that Argentinian woman lack a lot of skills in expressing feelings.