Day traders in BA?


Mar 22, 2010
Hello all! I'll be coming down to BA next month... I'm a day trader looking to connect with anyone else who's trading. Anybody out there?
Hey there,

I don't day trade stocks, but i do trade Energy online and have been down here for a couple of months. Give me a shout and we'll grab some drinks!
[email protected]

Good Luck!
Hey there hockey, I've been trading futures for a few months and would love to find some people to talk shop with as well. Feel free to add me to that drinks email. [email protected] Just for curiosity's sake, are you more fundamental or technical focused?
Liam3494 said:
But make sure you don't take three PC's or Macs to The Alamo :)

Well, if you do, get your own table, don't sit at the bar!
AdrianaY said:
Day Traders are wankers who think they are cool and smell like shite because they never shower and take copious amount of drugs .
I was on the fence before, but after reading this I want to be a day trader.
LOL, I had to laugh when I heard about that guy setting up shop at the bar.

Mike and Jarrod, I'll definitely be in touch. I'm a futures trader too.
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