Deadly Swine Flu paralyses Mexico City


Jun 20, 2006
I have to say that I am very concerned with this unusual outbreak originating in Mexico and causing Mexico City to be completely shut down. I feel that this will be much more severe than the SARS epidemic of 5 years ago.

Like to hear what other members think and do you also share my concern?
But remember the Avian flu non-pandemic? And birds can fly... pigs might, I suppose.
Pericles, as you know my history in Mexico, I think this is bad news but in the US people are not dying, I spoke to an infectious disease Dr. who is a friend and says Mexicans are being hit harder and are dying because of the lack of Hygiene in many parts of the city. There are many very poor people in Mexico and they do not go to the Dr. right away because it is expensive and sometimes difficult, they wait until it gets too bad and the city itself is so crowded and in many parts the infrastructure is just poor so conditions allow for more contamination. In the US, people have recovered very well. I think for sure because of air travel etc this thing will go everywhere but if people take the normal precautions they would take during the normal flu season they should be ok. The thing that is reassuring is people in the US are recovering in a couple of days so it is not a long lasting virus. Tamiflu seems to be pretty effective. I bet the situation in Canada, New Zealand, Spain etc in developed countries will be the same as the US.

I think Argentina has a great healthcare system and the country is very well educated. I would bet it is not bad in Argentina, the Dengue there seems worse.

I am hoping they get a better handle on it in the next 10 days or so.
harpo said:
But remember the Avian flu non-pandemic? And birds can fly... pigs might, I suppose.

Swine flu - unlike Avian flu - can be transmitted person to person
Now arrived in Spain, I hear, but people in developed countries seem to be surviving.

I wonder how well we'd handle bubonic plague if it made a come-back.
I just spoke to a friend who is studying in Mexico. I was of course concerned about his well-being and asked how he was coping with the swine flu "epidemic." He told me that, in his experience and opinion, most of the reports on the outbreak were exaggerated and that he had been to Mexico City this past weekend and everything appeared normal. He said that the biggest change is the ban on large gatherings; they're taking a lot of precautions, but he wasn't overly concerned or planning on leaving anytime soon. Maybe he's just being optimistic, but I trust his judgement.
harpo said:
But remember the Avian flu non-pandemic? And birds can fly... pigs might, I suppose.

I'd be more scared of the cars here: Flying Pigs? Flying cars are more likely to kill or injure you here.
Not to alarm anybody but if thing gets big it will probably hit in the Southern Hemisphere first as flu outbreaks coincide with cold weather months. Measures like suspending flights from affected areas aren't effective. Argentina, especially the tourist trade could be negatively affected. If there is an out-break here I hope the government is more effective in dealing with it, however given the government here I wouldn't be to optimistic.