Debit card/exchange rate question


I originally went down to Buenos Aires in my early 20s. This was in the blue dollar era. I brought cold hard cash with me and only used cash during my stay.

I'm going back in January for about a month or 2.

My question is about debit card usage. How does the exchange work with the peso moving up and down so often? Should I just bring a couple grand or so with me and exchange to the local currency every couple of days? Or should I just use debit?


The visa exchange rate is usually pretty good. You can check the daily value here:

The one thing to keep in mind though is it is based on the market exchange rate at the close of the previous day. So if there is a huge jump here one day you wont get the exchange rate in that moment you will get the rate from the previous day. Worth keeping in mind when trying to make a big purchase taking advantage of a big swing.

Also ATM fees are very high here. Search on the former for more info on that


If you are only here for two months, I would bring fresh crisp new $100. bills. ATM fees are ridiculously high. It is so easy to get money exchanged. And who knows what's going to happen here?
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