Decreto 1169


I have a few questions for those who are renewing their visa from the Decreto 1169. This is entirely different from any current visa regime available to foreigners.....

- What is the time between going in to migraciones to present your paperwork and when you actually went back and received your permanent visa?

- I currently have no job in Argentina. Nor have I worked in any other country in the past year or so, so no tax forms or proof of income can be given to them. How closely did they check your notarized document from your employer and your last paystub? If you have just started working, and haven't received your paystub, is the notarized document all you need? I can work at a friend's company and present that if needed. Any thoughts?

- Were there any last minute surprises? From what I understand you only need to present antecedentes and the proof of a tax-paying income, and of course the cash.