Dental Implants

Be careful. Most dentists use national materials. They're not the best. You want materials from Europe. Of course it's hard to know if they're telling you the truth if you don't know the dentist well.
My wife had some work done last year. Good work at a reasonable price, and the doc is very simpatico. Patricio Porte 11 4581 9822/15 5933 0263 Ayacucho 940 3C - tell him Patricia Salinas sent you.


I went to the famous Dr. Pelcman last year and I paid USD1000. I wanted a sure bet and I got it. My bone didn't leave any room to chance since I was dealing with a bad crown made 20 years ago. The dental clinic part of my hospital network charged less than half, but I got a bad vibe from the place.
pretty much anyone with 4+ stars on review sites should be fine. make sure there's a lot of reviews so it's not that they just rated themselves. is a good place to look.
The materials made here are Ok.
The fraud is when they tell you that they use titanium while they use steel. Then the implant might fall.
Of course the fraud is when you are told a lie. I had an implant done in BA about fifteen years ago (imported materials -- I beleve that to be true) and it's just fine. I've been advised by dentists that European materials are better but maybe they've improved the nartional product. That's also true of eye glasses. Lenses from France and Germany are much better than Chinese imports.