Did Trump save Venezuela?

I am not going to watch any more of these videos, if you won't respond to questions I have about them or that they raise.

Let's not forget that this current crisis really began when the congress was collecting signatures for a referendum to vote Maduro out of office (something allowed by the constitution written under Hugo Chávez, no less). Maduro shut down the referendum and formed his Asamblea Constituyente to write a new constitution. In real democracies, presidents are voted out of office by their congresses or forced out by public pressure. I am thinking of places like Spain and England, and even the States with Nixon. Since then Maduro has played every underhanded, dirty anti-democratic trick in the book. How can you as someone who thinks voting is so important to the democratic process post these videos which either directly or indirectly support a govt that will not allow it's citizens to vote in fair and transparent elections and then kills then when they take to the streets to protest? That is beyond the pale for me.

We would not be talking about a "coup," now, if Maduro had allowed democracy to take its course. And a coup so far in the context of Venezuela is about pressure, not about military action, even though it would help if the military would also put pressure on Maduro (not start shooting). Even the word "coup" is propaganda on the part of Venezuela and its misguided, extreme leftist allies.
Only Socialist Allies support Maduro, Bolivia, Mexico, Russia and Turkey? Stay tuned...!
It seems that the military are still behind Maduro so change will take more time. The US will no longer pay for petroleum through the Maduro government. Payments will be through the government of Guaido. Just how this will work I don't understand but if petro dollars don't flow to Maduro he will have a very serious problem.
I am curious if jtango supports Maduro. I don't disagree that prior to Chavez Venezuelan governments did not do enough for the poor. When demagogues rise to power it is for a reason. There had to have been discontent among the poor to have put Chavez in power. Chevez, however, could not run the country. Maduro is even worse and now virtually everyone is far far worse off while basic human rights and demoocracy have been undermined.