Didnt think id ever say this.....I NEED FRIENDS


Apr 8, 2010
Hey all,

My girlfriend and I moved to BA from the UK in february and are living in recoleta and working as...you guessed it, English teachers.
Im 25, Kates 22, We enjoy going out, cooking, and jst being ...young i guess. I miss drinking with the lads, love Martial arts and keeping (getting) fit and all things sporty (God, i sound like any regular British twenty-something out there) and want to experience as much of the REAL BA as pos, I speak very little Spanish but my main aim of this is to learn that second language.

So far, we are having a great time and having a great adventure but we are struggling to break the mould of being in our own little world and need to meet lots of new people. so if anyone into (or not for that matter) the same sort of things wanna meet up and hang out let me know. be good to speak to someone other than my girlfriend...shes kinda doing my head in a lil now (still love you Kate, lol)

Hey there! how are you doing?? I know how it might be hard to brake into a new society and make friends, I've been there... So if you would like to meet and hang out, I would love to meet you both. I am 24 and argentine and my boyfriend is 25 and american. We are both students so we are usually really busy during the week but we can organize something! we like sports too. Here in BA we go running, we climb... Anyways, just let me now.
Hey...there are quite a few younger expats at the moment looking to create a bigger circle of friends...so perhaps we should just arrange to meet at a bar one evening next week and see who shows! Any suggestions?
Hey Shaun,
Let me know what kind of martial arts you are interested in and I might be able to give you some advice as I'm somewhat familiar with that scene in BA.
Hi Shaun - got here a month or so ago myself from London and teaching English. There are a lot of people in the same boat, myself included, so I wouldn't worry.

I'm also into my martial arts but am putting it on a back burner for the next few months. There seem to be tonnes of gyms around the city offering kickboxing, boxing and BJJ classes (I've seen at least three and I wasn't even looking). They also seem fairly big on taekwondo, in the chinese martial arts (bagua, xing yi, tai chi) and I saw a fairly decent krav maga school. Happy to share the little I've seen so far.

If you fancy a pint any time soon let me know - I live in Palermo, off Santa Fe. There are also events organised fairly regularly through the forum where you can put some user names to faces.


I'm colombian, and new in Argentina too. You may be thinking its easier for me, because of the great amount of colombian people here, but I came here to know people from all over the world, so I'm trying to do it instead of staying in the same circle.
I love sports, running, soccer, tenis, everything and it would be great to have a nice group of people to go out sometimes, play different sports, travel, talk, etc.
Let me know if you are interested, it would be great to know you guys.
Hi all,

29 year old consultant who's been working in Buenos Aires since January 2010 and will be here until the end of August at least. My girlfirend had been living here with me for the last 3 months, but had to return to the US last week. I was in the same mould as Shaun above as my girlfiend and I were in our own little world having great adventures traveling around Argentina, but now I need to branch out a bit so I've got some folks to hang out with.

I have the same interests as the rest of the folks on this thread (excercise, tennis, soccer, cooking, a few pints on the weeekend...). My Spanish is still pretty rough, but I have pretty solid motivation to learn, being that I need someone to talk to. haha

Also, haven't joined a gym yet (was in a hotel for a while) and am looking for advice on that. Thinking about either a tenis club so I could get a regular game going, or somewhere near with the standard equipement and a heavy bag. I live in Recoletta and any advice would be great.

If anyone on this post gets a group together, my schedule suddenly got rather wide open, so I'd love to meet up.
Hey guys, Thanks for the real quick responses. Im flatterd by the quantity and also relieved im not on my own on this one. I reckon if a few of us could arrange a meet up one night that would prob work out nicely. Everyone else ok with that? Ironically, my girlfriends family are due over (flights depending) next week so we will be busy then, but, after that is all good. That would be from the 26th onwards.

to michaelk and richardp- I think im going to head down to mta on diagonal norte from the 26th onwards. Its a muay thai gym and seems highly respected here. ive heard a lot of good reviews and the facilities seem good. let me know if you want more details. i am, however, real interested if you can tell me where to find some bjj. I have little experience on the ground and really interested in it.

EVERYONE else: yeah, lets def arrange a meet up. would be good fun....
There is a Gracie academy and this school:



I checked a smallish gym on avenida Julian Alvarez one block down if your walking from santa fe which looked ok to my untrained eye. (Know nothing about ground martial arts and watching two blokes rolling around trying to strangle each other on a hot summer's night made me tempted to take up tango instead).

Would be very intetrested to know how you get on with the muay thai though.


Hi guys
Would be keen to meet up. Im from South Africa, 23 and yes.. teaching English. I live in Recoleta. Haven't met many portenos but would be keen for a drink some time!
I probbaly won't come on here again soon so my email is [email protected].
See you