Difficulty in dialling out


Sep 7, 2009
Hey everyone,

I am new to BA and have purchased a Claro sim card. So my number begins with a 15. When I try to dial a 11 number (missed call I had), it will not connect me and gives me a message in Spanish which I do mot understand!
Does anyone know what the problem is?
I was told 11 is a cell number here and that it would have 8 digits after. To dial a 15 number I have no problem, it is just the 11 number which does not seem to go through.

Thanks for any info !!
15 is the area code for a cell but when dialing cell to cell in capital, you should be able to use 11 instead of 15. (11 is the prefix for landlines)

Do you have credit on your phone to make outgoing calls?

Try dialing it with the 15 instead of the 11 and see if that works.
The message may simply be, that the receiving phone has been turned off, in which case you are told that it is off-line and impossible to locate.

- at least in the provinces you sometimes must push 9 before area code when calling mobile phones.
Hi guys,
Thanks for your help. I did however try the 11 and the 15 prefix numbers, but still to no avail.
I think I will just have to go to Claro today and see what is goong on !!

Thanks again though!
dee81 said:
... I think I will just have to go to Claro today and see what is goong on !!
Let us know the answer, please.
Did you actually get a prepaid card and text the number on the back to *444? If not then you have no minutes on your phone.

I went to Claro today, and the way I understood what the guy was telling me, was that I had to go some place and have my phone configured. I am also not receiving text messages from London or South Africa!!
I do have credit on my phone though!!

Thanks for the replies.

Try using 9 11 instead of 15. I just got here a week or so ago and was having trouble dialing to people's cell phones. (I'm using what I think is a Skype-based landline) and was able to do it using 9 11 rather than 15.

Let me know how it works out because I'm about to go get a cell phone today.
I don't own a cellphone (really!) but if I have to use one to dial a number in Bs As while I am in Bs As I simply dial the last eight digits.
I never remember how to dial a cell phone out of the 011 area code. So when all else fails, I use the full international number with a "+" prefix, like +54911-1234-5678 for a cell phone in the capital. The carriers strip and convert this to what they need.

I maintain a lot of numbers in this format in my cell phone, so they'll work from whatever country I'm in. I've never had problems doing it that way, and they don't seem to charge any more for dialing the full international sequence of digits.
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