Dinner and Drinks in Palermo (Friday, Jan 15)


Jan 4, 2010
A few of us got together last weekend to check out clubs and bars in Palermo. This week, we're thinking of meeting for dinner first and then drinks. Everyone is welcome to join us. Still thinking about the restaurant. Anyone have any suggestions?
Count me in. The Wherever Bar on Oro plays great music (no dancing) nice owners, great happy hour.
count me in, just lmk what time and where. I am very new here so don't have many suggestions sorry.
Antares is a nice place where you can eat and drink. You need to make reservations though.
Count me in as well. The Whatever bar looks like a good spot.
Oh, I forgot to add, they have nice food, reasonable price, comfortable atmosphere with sofas, easy chairs, regular chairs and tables, etc. It's close to transportation being on block off Santa Fe on Maria del Oro.

I can post the address if we choose this venue.

They staff have been very good to me and I like to give them my business, plus it's kinda of an expats place.
hey Victoria I saw you there yesterday evening hahahaha to funny what a small world it is here!!! Well I am in for the Wherever for a Friday happy hour........ happy hour is 5pm -10pm....
it is on Oro but very close to the Santa Fe and Oro just down from the big bakery on the corner la bandalisa ( i am sure i didnt spell that right)

2476 oro ............................................... see you guys there!!!!! cheers
I will be at the Wherever (2476 Oro) at 5pm (the beginning of happy hour.... hehehe) if some people show up great.. if not more rum for me!!! haha
well cheers!!!!!