Dinner at Mykonos


Oct 6, 2005
HI everyone,
We went to the dinner last night and it was nice and fun....but, I didn't get to really meet many of you, bummer. I think all the entertainment made it a little dificult...although it was fun breaking plates, (even if it cost us 2$ each)!
Maybe next time, in a quieter place....and round tables...
If anyone ever needs help or ideas with living in Argentina, I've been here a while, so feel free to contact me.

Take care!
Hi! I went to the dinner too and enjoyed it! It was a nice group and a fun time. I too wish I could have talked with more people, but you will find that it is the same "problem" in every restaurant we go to, whether there is entertainment or not. It is also nearly impossible to find a place with a round table big enough for 20 or so people...A party is a good solution, as we did a few months ago at my house- we'll have to organize another one in the near future! Another idea could be a happy hour somewhere, where we could move around more & mingle (?).
ANyway, hope to get to know more or you little by little!

Hi Kimberly,
That was my first expat outing....I have been resisting "going out" and looking for Americans since I wanted to "live" and immerse myself in the country. But, I came to the conclusion that I cant "totally" relate to all argentines and decided to meet some americans. Do you know who was it that organized that dinner? I looked at the long table full of people and wanted to hear everyone's story, but didn't get to it.
I think I saw your name in other forums, are you from the Bay Area?
Well, take care.
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