Dinner for Ba expats


Jun 20, 2006
Hi we are having a small get together this Thursday night 3/12/ 2009 at Garden chinese restaurant with all new and old expats alike . This is a fantastic restaurant and the food is great and reasonably priced.

We have a table for 15 people and first who book will have a place. Dinner starts at 8.30pm and is located on Riobamba 1156 Barrio Norte . This is just half a block from Santa Fe


If you would like to join us please email to [email protected] or reply to this thread.

Hope to see you there.

Too bad. So little time to program. I already have 2 other dinners/parties that day. Well, maybe in January things will be slower. Cheers, Joe
I would definitely be down to go to this, but I have work at the youth hostel.
Have tentative plans with a friend but will e-mail tomorrow if I'm a 'yes.'
It will be a small group but a great way to interact with locals and expats alike. The restaurant is very reasonable in cost and the serving sizes are enormous. I expect that it will be one of the cheapest and best meals you will have in Buenos Aires.
I love that place - in my opinion, it is the best chinese food in Buenos Aires (at least that I have tried so far in my three years here). I used to live around the corner from there.

I'm surprised that they will be able to accomodate 15 people - it's such a small place.

I would come myself, but I have a standing Thursday night dinner with another group :(
sorry, I have to pull out because someone finally returned my phone call