Dishwasher Rack Replacement


Jan 1, 2014
My Bosch dishwasher (brought over when I moved) racks are rusted and are bursting.

Bosch does not sell dishwashers in Argentina, but I suppose racks are similar to other brands. I can't seem to find them on Mercadolibre - maybe I am looking for the wrong thing? I am searching using rejillas lavavajillas as my keywords.

I need both the upper and the lower racks replaced. Any suggestion?

We have the same problem with our Philco model , purchased here.

If I find any I will let you you know !
If you have some Sugru around the house, that'd be a good fix. Available in Chile, but not in Argentina.
If you have someone coming over it would be a good idea to ask them to bring some!
We have the same problem with our Philco model , purchased here.

If I find any I will let you you know !
using term : Canastos or Cestos Lavavajillas or Repuestos

@[background=rgb(230, 230, 230)]glasgowjohn [/background]Philco easier to find - may or may not help depending on the model you have: https://articulo.mer...tos-ocacion-_JM

@[background=rgb(230, 230, 230)]Serafina [/background]Bosch, not so much - do the rollers appear to be easily removable? If so, perhaps swapping out the rack for something or similar size to the existing rollers would work. If all else fails , repaint with Tremclad high heat enamel. For parts you could give these guys a call (official Bosh service folk):

this may help .. if they repair Bosh they must have the parts???
Thanks Gpop !

Two spare baskets cost 2,600 ...crazy pricing as we have all come to expect in Argentina

When it comes the time I will buy a new one for just a bit more than double.

And then I will carefully dry the baskets after each use......
In the USA, replacement racks for some, but certainly not all, Bosch dishwashers are available- but USA pricing is way more crazy than argentina- most are $200- $300 USD per rack.
Meaning you could easily spend $400 USD for two racks-

yup, including postage,new racks for my Bosch in the free market USA would run around 7000 pesos.

Most appliance makers come out with new models every 3 to 5 years, and drop parts availability after 10 years. That would include Bosch.
Yup, that sounds the most reasonable option. I'm trying to get ahold of some Sugru as a fix. If else, dishwashers seems accessible here. I walked past a place on av. Còrdoba with lots of them for cheap. They are the sort of stuff that is sold for less because aesthetically damaged.