Diva cups?


Mar 17, 2010
Hi all, wondering if anyone knows if there a place here where I could buy a diva cup (or any kind of menstrual cup- keeper, moon cup, etc). I brought mine with me and it was accidently thrown away! In the states you could buy them at "Whole Foods" or other organic-y earthy-crunchy stores. Anywhere like that here that may have potential?

Not a fan of pads or tampons- for my body, my wallet, or the planet! Please help!
I recommend the Luna Pads that you can buy at El Galpón (Federico Lacroze al 4172), and probably other places but that is where I bought mine and I love them. Thick, absorbent cotton that lasts me all day.

The Luna Pads have a blog: http://recibetuluna.blogspot.com/. The booth is just as you enter the galpón to your left. As for actual diva cups, I doubt you can find them but I actually have a ziplock baggy full of maybe 20 diva cups completely unopened in their purple packet that I won't use now that I have the moon pads, so, if you're interested... I guess let me know if you want them! Good luck!
Aguante las copas menstruales! :) I am also a fan, and I would be lost without my Keeper. I am sorry to hear yours got tossed.

I did a little research online. I found a pdf booklet written by a porteña that basically recommends you ask your US friends but mentions you can find Mooncups in Chile.
There appears to be a distributor on Mercadolibre of Mooncups, and while all my friends who use these are partial to their brand, if I lost mine, I could substitute.
I have bought many things on mercadolibre and have been very happy, but I have always picked them up. The problem is that the vendor is in provincia quite far out. You could drive or take a train, though, on an adventure. You could also do an envio and trust you will get the item, but the price they are asking for 250 pesos seems way more expensive than what I paid for mine in the States, but this is a great option if you want it right away.

You can order Keepers and Mooncups online for 35 USD PLUS 2 dollars S&H, which they say INCLUDES international shipping. http://www.keeper.com/ordering.html Diva cups have a couple of online stores that distribute them: http://www.divacup.com/en/home/buy_now/ Have fun explaining this to aduanas!! : )
Tez, you just happen to have a bag of 20 Diva Cups!? Are they the long term ones (diva cup/keeper/mooncup brand- 35 usd a pop)? If so I would looooove to buy one from you!

Also emilyr, I didn't realize they could ship internationally and this mercadolibre sounds like something I should check out. Thanks for the insight! I second your "hooray for green menstruation" - it's changed my life, and there's no going back :)
Any update on this? Sold in stores? other brands available?
Wow. Made in Argentina and seems much cheaper + easier than trying to get one from abroad! They deliver for a reasonable fee also: http://articulo.mercadolibre.com.ar/MLA-506811309-copa-copita-menstrual-maggacup-hecho-en-argentina-_JM

Amazing slogan: "Copate vos también"

I'm on my second, which I've had for a few years now - I burnt one while living here by letting the water boil away once while sterilising it, which is how I knew. My first one had lasted 10 years and was fine until then.

I have no idea why this isn't just the norm, apart from for people who can't use them for medical reasons.