DNi´s to change very soon


Aug 10, 2006
I thought this might be of interest http://momento24.com/en/2009/10/24/new-id-in-november/

Apparently the government aims to replace the existing handwritten DNI booklet very soon. No need to worry though and it will only be mandatory if you have to renew your existing ID or are first getting it. Hopefully this will make things easier/faster at Renaper offices (?) for both locals and expats.
Well that looks great, hope it works, as easier and faster in Argentina is more times than not an oxymoron...:)
Ok, now...I went to Renaper today...first time...to get a DNI. Had everything with me and was told I could not have a "tourno" until the first of December, and that many had been waiting up to a year. Does this promising news give me any hope for a quicker initial application and processing, or am I doomed to repeat historical fact?
Unfortunately, nobody knows anything, and very few things are for sure. Hopefully it will speed things up, but do not keep high expectations just in case. I wonder if that is why they are not giving turnos... (?)
Does anyone know why "tournos" are not being given out? If I am being told to come back in December. What does that actually mean? Anyone with more political or inside savvy here? An inquiring mind wants to know!!
Turnos aren't being given because the new "system" (in a new location?) is not yet in operation.
I moved here almost 5 years ago and last year, after a long wait,I finally got my DNI(estrañero))!!!you gotta be patient here......
nope, you don't have to be patient. I have told your before, just call Gabriel Celano and he can do all this DNI paper work for you faster than anyone else. Why, because he is honest, knows the routine better than anyone else.

But no one seems to believe this so just keep on walking, waiting and hoping. That will get you to 5 years. How inane when there is a faster route to end all this stress.
that depends on the individual.I was divorced in England and married my Argentine wife here in BA,many years later.The paperwork is the most difficult,good luck with the superlawyer though
Those few who MUST have a DNI in the next 30-60 days might need to use "professional" services, but I suggest waiting until the new system is implemented.

The paperwork for the DNI is simple: residencia precaria (issued by migraciones), birth certificate, passport, certificado de domicilo, and two 4X4 photos. The birth certificate (a "certified" copy issued by your Secretary of State and also with the seal of the Apostille) can be the same one used to apply for the precaria as migraciones will only keep a photocopy. The RNP will also ask for photocopies of the birth certificate and the passport. The fee is $15 pesos.