DNI Question


Mar 8, 2010
Hi all,
Well, I married an Argentinian and am starting the wonderful DNI application. Anyone been through this and want to see if I've got the right idea? Are these the steps? Am I missing anything?
1. Apply for a turno by calling 4317-0234 ext 2.
2. Get the following documents:
a. Passport.
b. Birth Certificate, not less than 6 months old, apostilladoed (not a word, I know) and translated.
c. Marriage certificate.
d. 3 passport photos.
e. I understand that since I am from the UK, I don't need a criminal check. Is that true?
3. Can I get the birth certificate apostilladoed from here? Can I apply for it online, have it sent to me here, then send it to the FCO?

Any glaringly obvious steps I'm missing? I'm trying to avoid descending into document hell!
Thanks for your help....
Have you already applied for permanent residency? You must do that before the DNI.
conifer said:
Oh boy. Where do I get started on that?

If you are in BA, at the office of migraciones at Antardida 1355 in Puerto Madero.
Also if you use the forum´s search function you will find all the details and tons of advice in getting your perm residency and DNI
hahahaha silly cow marrrrrrrrrrrrrrying an Argie.....mustbe hard up
why don't yer husband know all about this???????????????? Its incredible that you ask people from other countries for advice when you esposo is Argentino....is he stupid or just not bothered...ask stevey..he has all the ansewrs....suerte
blackburn said:
why don't yer husband know all about this????????????????

I don't know maybe cuz he never immigrated to his own country. I couldn't tell you how to immigrate to my country..... I've never been through immigrations there.
First off, I'm a man and I married a woman. Second, what mini said. How many Argentines have dealt with immigrating here? Why so hostile?
I've just signed a freelance contract to work for an Argentine production company, in foreign locations, as a third party overseas contractor. I'm Australian, my husband is British, employed by a foreign-based firm, and we have been living in Buenos Aires for 10 months on tourist visas. We both travel abroad at least once a month and have not had any problems re-entering the country. Can anyone tell me, is this sustainable long-term? Are we doing anything wrong? And does employment with an Argentine company entitle me to apply for a DNI, as I have been told?