DNI Turno


Sep 15, 2008
Has anyone tried calling for a turno for a DNI? I went this morning and was given a number to call (4346-1880). I've been calling constantly for the past several hours and the three times the call has gone through, I either get music for a few seconds and then the sound of disconnected number or it rings and rings until no one picks and I get the same disconnected number sound. Does anyone have a different number for the Direccion Nacional Del Registro Nacional de las Personas?

They told me at the building that the next turnos were for Oct 1, but I cannot get through on this number.
That's the way it works. No one answers. It's a great system. That way they don't have to lie.
Popper, Are you trying to get an appointment to apply for your DNI or to renew?
Thanks. I don't believe advance appointments are necessary to renew, but last I heard, you have to go early in the morning (hours before they open the doors) to get a number (200 per day). I've also heard there are individuals selling numbers if you arrive closer to opening time.
Goodness - so you really can't get a turno through the telephone number (like they told me today...)?
I didn't mean to imply that. I was referring to the (same day) renewal process. I think you should continue to try to make your appointment by phone. Try early in the day. Suerte
I am not sure if they now give you turnos over the phone. Typically calling these places is like that: ringing forever, or waiting music, and nada. I usually am able to get through, but you have to invest 30-40 minutes redialing over and over until you get them. I believe it is just easier to go, and yes, go early in the morning (9 am or so) as they close at 2 pm ( but they actually close earlier )
right - I've been calling for the last 3 or 4 hours, sometimes it goes through to some music, sometimes it just rings and rings, but either way, it just ends. I guess I'll try going by early one morning. Do you know if there is a particular place to go to get a turno in person? I went this morning and asked and was just given a number to call...