DNI update

All documents submitted correctly 5 months in no DNI card, last time around it was less than 3 months. Not a big issue but this piece of paper called a precardia is not what I want. Working on citizenship too that is moving slowly as well. WTF oh well. It is what is it is. But it is like being in no man's land
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After waiting 4 months I went to the Jujuy office and they told me that I had to have my fingerprints redone. Went to the main office for some paperwork and then to Yrigoyen. Finally got the final DNI delivered to my home after 5 months.
They just do not want to grand DNIs. This is why the study of every case takes longer. I suggest you hurry up your citizenship case before deportation orders is enacted, if it is enacted.
I already have lawyers in place for that I highly doubt that will be the case. Like I said I am connected in immigration here. They are waiting for the police confirmation he was already here and confirmation of marriage. I will have my wife call them tomorrow. She has a direct line to the chief of immigrations here.
Went to visit today still waiting for the police verification document everything else is in order. Talked about the new laws he said, in reality, we want your type here so do not worry. You add to the country we are just looking to put the trash out.
Well turns out at this time the police visit record can now no longer be found or something. Immigration's is going send someone else to confirm my place of residence. That is the last piece of the puzzle. Hopefully all this will get done in the next 30 to 60 days. No fault with imaginations they just were not getting a responce from the police. I am sure this process is all new to them and they may not have all the kinks worked of the system yet.
I understand your frustrations - took me nearly 1 year - all papers were correct from the start. Didn't start looking at it until 6 months in - by then the police certificate had expired so had to renew - I found it helped getting an Argentine to talk directly to the person in charge of the case.