DNI update

I understand your frustrations - took me nearly 1 year - all papers were correct from the start. Didn't start looking at it until 6 months in - by then the police certificate had expired so had to renew - I found it helped getting an Argentine to talk directly to the person in charge of the case.
Thanks Somewhereinba, When does the police check expire? Just wondering if I better get to work on another one of those. Last time that took some time as I had to make an appointment on the internet and they were fairly booked up.
Well turns out at this time the police visit record can now no longer be found or something. Immigration's is going send someone else to confirm my place of residence. That is the last piece of the puzzle. Hopefully all this will get done in the next 30 to 60 days. No fault with imaginations they just were not getting a responce from the police. I am sure this process is all new to them and they may not have all the kinks worked of the system yet.
remember to bring uncle benjamin when things cannot be found......;)