Do you fear a crash similar to 2001?


its easy to criticize another person but your arguments are very weak and you never answer a question . You are right right and right and everyone else is wrong as they do not share your points of views . Mr Pizza dreams for the 10th time Please answer my question where did the 250 billion dollars go?
At least you got one thing right: I am -highly likely- right.

I´m not gonna explain what I´ve already done pages ago, for real. And I´ve answered your questions when you repeatedly avoided mine. If you want to know my answer, read my posts again.


Your only answer is to rebuttal with such silly stuff, because you know you cannot defend The Macri Organization. Instead of posting anything with substance, you just attack and post stuff like that. This is the strategy of The Macri Organization. Speak in generalities, give no specifics, attack those who dissent. Macri wants people to shut up and silence his critics. This is why you see stuff like the above.
You've been shining up your tinfoil hat, I see. I'm not part of the Macri Organization, I'm with the Bavarian Illuminati.


I voted for Macri as I wanted a change and believed that things could get better with him. Never in a million years would I have believed that in such a short time the economy would have been as mismanaged as now.
I will not vote for any of the major parties as they are both incompetent but the current situation is much worse than anytime under the Kirchners goverment.

This is a very good article from a very respected economist who is no kirchnerista with his outlook on argentina

The economic situation in the world is very troubling with the Turkish Lira and other currencies having massive devaluations of late . The turkish lira has lost over 20% of its value in a week ! Argentina is the second worst performing currency of the year behind Turkey . This week will be crucial as the Turkey situation develops .

I cannot see the situation reverting itself as the debt at over 250 billion us dollars is unmanegeable and will only bring more punitive policies. less investment in real infraestructura that kickstarts the economy.
We are in recession now imagine Argentina in 2 years time where will we be then?
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And take a look at this article out this morning in the Clarin. The Argentine Peso could be in trouble again in the next few days due to the expiration of the LEBACS, LOLOL..... The FMI is in town today by the way, and DUVJONE is going to BEG for the Central Bank to be allowed to intervene in the run on the PESO ( although it is clearly stated that the price should be controlled by demand and supply), LOLOL, and he wants to divert up to 3,500 million dollars borrowed from FMI to start eliminating the LEBACS, so he wants to start paying investors with borrowed money. LOLOL, OH.... and it gets worse. La Fundacion Capital, estimates that the PBI will fall 3.5%. For the second trimester of this year. For those who don't know, that means that the National Production of goods and services will fall by 3.5%. LOLOL. None of this information is made up. Please verify it yourself in the following article.