Do you want to organize English/Spanish Conversation Group?


Oct 9, 2007
Hello, my life partner has a resto bar in Palermo Hollywood (Niceto Vega y Humbolt ) and
says wellcome to those who want to celebrate cultural group event or
English / Spanish /maybe other lauguages or some activities group which is looking for a place. It is a bar but has some comparments and is available to be used with projector to a big screen.
For example, soon they will start short documentary movies evenings *it will be in Spanish.
Please put in contact with me if you want to ask more in any case we are very willing to support if you want to start to teach or organize conversation group. etc.
And if you want please order something to drink or eat but not obligatory.
Hi ppab! Nice to talk with you. In that area *there are two clubs, 5 bars, a parrilla and a rest bar (zum zum) it will be very crowded after 11pm or 1am so if you want to take a place something at home in the evening as like from 630 or 7 or 8 it will be good for you and for them. I thought that it will be good those who want to try and start to teach English conversation or something. In any case, the waiters are so friendly that in the evening you can practice your Spanish with them jajaja.
Great! We i give you my email and we can organize. Please write me to [email protected]

I don´t need to improve my spanish :), because Im from BA. I would like to improve my english fluentness, also I can help other people with spanish.
Sounds like a good idea. I would show up for it but not as often since I am in Avellaneda (GBA, & 10 min drive to Capital) and this is not exactly NYC, where I can rely on public transportation 24/7, the Subte stops running around 11:00ish, not sure about the time the colectivos stop, (I need to get a scoooter because cars are a hassle to get parking for in Capital) plus my work schedule...
I would love to get a spanish conversation group going! A place where foreigners who are learning/practicing spanish can get together and chat - and meet new people!! If anyone else is interested, let me know, my email is: [email protected] Saludos!!
Hello, I was so busy that I counld not have opend this site .
Surprised with your msgs and back to read and write well to you soon.
Hi, those who want to contact with me please put email to
thanks, arigatoo