Does Anybody Have A Highpowerd Air Rifle And Is A Good Shot?



Are you good shot? Do you want to make some easy money?

If so, I have a job for you! I have a pigeon who hangs out on the landing outside my front door, it's the same one and he's been here for a few weeks. Every day he leaves me a new present and I'm completely fed up with it.

What I want is for you to come to my place in nunez and wait for the little flying rat (inside the property you won't be seen from the street). I'll give 50 pesos if he no shows, 15 pesos if you shoot at him and miss, 100 pesos if you hit him and he flies off and 200 pesos if you kill the bastard.

I am completely serious.

PM me.

Crema Americana

rather than try to kill it, why not try one of these: http://listado.merca...espanta-palomas
While those seem like fine gimmicks, pigeons are surprisingly smart.

My mother in law has a pigeon problem at her business... there's at least 30 of them, and they've built nests up in the rafters and pooped down the side of 3 story high walls (not an easy clean up job!)

She doesn't want to have them killed though, so she has spent literally thousands of pesos on different types of non-deadly measures and nothing has worked. A REAL hawk came by one day and they didn't even care. They sunbathe on the ground alongside the very well fed stray cats. I suggested she stop feeding the cats - not only would she save money on food, but she'd probably have a lot less birds around.

At one point my husband thought to hire someone to kill all the birds while she was away on vacation, but that never happened... so the birds are still there. Pooping, being loud, and having babies.


In order to kill it, you need to become one of them first. Dress like a giant pigeon and try to get near them for a couple of days. Become one of them. When they think is safe, they will lower their guard. Then, and just then, stab the fucker in the heart and reclaim control of your property!