Does anybody know what these are called here and where can I buy them???

I don't think they are common, in fact they probably don't exist at all. Try a few locksmiths maybe and show them a picture, that's probably your best bet. Also they definitely don't have a specific mean although you can try "Cajita magnetica para guardar llaves"

Best of luck!
Some things just don't exist here. I noted that the grabber sticks used by all seniors in the USA also don't exist here, that I have ever seen.
There's no cream cheese.
There's no sour cream.
How the hell can a country with so many Russians not have sour cream?
i've seen philadelphia cream cheese a bunch. i agree it's not the exact same taste here but close.
If you mean those sticks with a trigger at one end and the grabber at the other, the two we have came from Belgrano's Barrio Chino
OMG where??
I haven't had a bagel with a schmear for ages
i've seen it in my local minimercado here across the street from me. i am pretty sure i've seen it in jumbo before too.

also looks like it's for sale on ML as well :)
These ancient ass keys dont fit in those boxes. A locksmith opened my door once with a key that he claimed worked for every lock. Just get one of those and put it in your sock.
Sheikob's Bagels in Palermo is delicious, cream cheese taste great and their Mexican bagel is my favorite

Thank you so much. I looked on TripAdvisor and it seems divine. They even have lox. There are mornings when I would kill for a toasted onion bagel with lox and cream cheese.

Sadly, it is far from my wretched hovel near the Obelisco, but I will definitely mark this down on my shortlist of culinary delights to be enjoyed when public transport returns to normal. Assuming that life ever returns to normal. Sigh.