does anyone know a good plumber??


Nov 4, 2009
Hi.. I know looking for a good honest inexpensive plumber is almost impossible in any country.....:p

But does anybody know a good plumber in the palermo barrio norte area??? a little english would be nice also.... I know I am asking for a lot!!

Probably could be just a handyman type guy..I just have a very bad drip in the shower.... just want to get the knobs replaced or something??? Does anybody have a name and number??? ......thank you
I also would like this info!

Its fine if they dont speak English...​
funny you should say that.I,m waiting for our plumber to come right now!!although he won,t travel far so I can,t recommend him(we are out in the sticks).
Oscar, didn't write down his last name (must have his card somewhere), he is very good and not expensive. I don't know where if he'll go to Palermo and I don't know if he speaks English. You will find out soon enough when you call him ...
11 5037 9455 Good luck!
Most of the janitors now are hired if they are plumbers too, try to seek a plumber who is a janitor where you live, he won`t charge you a lot because most probably you will have to call him again everynow and then. I always call the janitor next door to where I live he is always at hand and knows how to repairs things, he also replaced the shutter and doesn`t charge much because he knows I always call him! Besides that problem in the bathroom is a very simple one
I once had this plumber/handy man/paintor do some plumming at my apartment. He was very efficient and not expensive at all. I don't think he speaks English though. His name is Jorge Dominguez and you can contact him at 15-5565-5927 or email at [email protected]
last year i had a lot of work done and found carlos. he did exactly what he said he was going to do, always kept his appointments, and did it right. he is competitively priced. prior to connecting with carlos, i found many tradesmen who seemed to view their services as maintenance rather than permanent solutions.
his girlfriend sally, is a native english speaker, a delightful person, and was available to iron out the details. highly recommended.
here is sally's mail [email protected]
After having horrible experiences with plumbers, I found an awesome plumber and cheap. He is honest and works really hard. He was so good and about 1/2 of what my building's consorcio plumber charged that I recommended him to my building and 3 weeks ago the administrator told me we had already saved 5000 pesos in 6 months because of my recommendation. He speaks no english that I know of though, his name is Sherman and his number is 15-34285972.