Does anyone know Devoto?


Mar 20, 2009
Been offered the chance of a really nice apartment in Devoto, just wondering if anyone knows the area & how easy the access is to the centre?

I like Devoto, it's a very nice barrio but there's no subte, there is a train though so you'll need to see how close the place is to the train. Without a car I personally wouldn't live there just because it's a long bus home at the end of the night, or else you'll start to rack up the cab rides, in which case what you save in rent you may pay on transport. If you look on google maps or you can figure out how long the trip into town would be via bus. The trains run with high frequency at peak times but I'm not sure what the deal is at night, nor that you'd even want to be on them.
Kirst, I been living in Villa Devoto for the past 5 years, its one of the most peaceful areas of the city. Its about 50min to downtown on the 146 bus line or you can also take el 80 to los Incas b line and get there abit faster. Its alot cheaper to live here in Devoto than in other areas. U won’t see too many tourist around here and if you have a car you can pretty much go where ever you want and its a lot easier to use La General Paz. Let me know if you have any other question about Devoto and if you move here PM me , also you have lots of resturants and pubs along Beiro and close to Villa del Parque.

Devoto is a respectable middle class neighborhood with some nice areas, overlooked by expats. There is a train that goes there.
Is there a nice little park in the middle of the square with nice, clean restaurants around the park (at least on two sides)?

I think I drove through there once. It's the last train stop from Estacion Federico Lacroze before you go under General Paz?

If so, it seemed really pleasant. A nice place to raise a family. Very suburban and a bit like the States.
The San Martin line is a pretty sucky line though, I would not want to travel with that line everyday and especially not at night so that only leaves the bus if you don
't have a car