does such a place exist in buenos aires?


My tree hugging, lets save the earth cousin is coming to Buenos Aires in a few weeks. I would love to throw him out on the street but he also has a credit card that could get him into any swanky hotel in town.
He has a list of needs of hotels.hostels so that he can feel all warm and fuzzy and believe he is saving the whales....
So if i wanted to find an environmentally aware / green (not just the color) / eco friendly / low impact / positive impact type of accommodation within the mega metropolis of Buenos Aires......where would I look?


He should just rent an apartment from a temp agency. He'll spend less, have his own place, and he can turn off all the AC and sit in the dark. It works out great for everyone: He gets to save the Earth and have his own place, and the landlord rents his place out and pays nothing on utilities.


I second the suggestion of Home. It's a great place to stay and I was certainly pleasantly surprised at their green efforts.



Your cousin can offset a lot of his own impact if he walks to Bs As. After that, he can stay at a 'dirty' hotel with less worry.