Dogs Planes Luggage Cameras

Sam Bartolo

Jul 19, 2022
Im moving to Argentina to marry Argentine, Besides my luggage case of cameras I need to bring my Dog is this an issue? and anyone have same experience.
What cant I bring might be a better question.
The last time I brought my wife's cats only one airline was permitting them in the hold and it was 500 each . I believe a large crate for a dog was 1500. It was Aerolineas Argentina and that was a 16 months ago. There are specific requirements for pets that you should research on Argentine websites including all the certificates and time frames from obtaining said certificates and the flight. I believe that was 10 day window. Sorry a little foggy on all the details but be prepared to spend some cash. Also speaking from experience leave an escape plan I have been coming here for almost 20 years and can only stand it for 6 months at a time it's not for everybody.
Old Gringo!

Argentina is the back up plan! The way things are looking globally Argentina might be the safest place to live!

Your correct in what you say Im reaching out to Aerolineas Argentina for cost etc.

Also a cargo company that will pick up and ship door to door. Miami area.

Big question what was it like to clear customs? The cargo company will bring him through for extra fee.

Ill keep you and others posted.