Doh! Lost my phone in a taxi looking to buy used or rent


Apr 13, 2018
Hi BAexpats,

I just absent-mindedly left my cellphone in a taxi cab, and am unlikely to get it back as it was just a random black & yellow cab I hailed on the street (I can’t even remember which company it was).

Fortunately for me, it was an older phone (Samsung Galaxy S3) that I was planning to replace when I returned home mid-June, so really I only lost the latest pictures that I hadn’t downloaded to my computer yet.

Wondering if anyone here:
  • has an extra smartphone lying around that they'd be willing to sell (definitely wouldn’t mind getting one of the pre-fingerprint or pre-face-recognition phones…that’s the Luddite in me, but, in reality, I’ll probably just not use those features), OR
  • could recommend a business that rents phones to visitors (in which case, I'd just rent a phone here for a month & then buy a used phone on once I returned to the US)?
I’ve always had Android phones, but could easily switch to Apple products. I’ve already picked up a new SIM card from Claro; now I just need to find a phone to put it in.


Macanudo, that was the first thing I tried, but it was in airplane mode, so it wouldn't ring.

Then I called Radio Taxi Porteño describing the time/place of ride & the phone, and gave them a number where I could pick up a message in case it was turned in. And I plan to give them another call in a day, to see if the phone is sitting in their "Objetos perdidos."

I'm thinking of calling some of the other common black & yellow cab companies, but unfortunately my Spanish is quite limited, so I'm not that effective over the phone.

It would be much more effective to visit them in person, if I knew where these taxi / "objetos perdidos" depots, if anyone knows the addresses of the common black & yellow taxi companies in the Palermo neighborhood, that would be really appreciated.
You can buy a Samsung Galaxy J4 or similar for less than 150 USD in a smartphone shop anywhere in Buenos Aires. Why not buy such a cheap phone, it is decent enough?