Dollar Future After The Aug. 11th. Paso. Depends on Who Wins?

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One of the largest fund managers in Europe, the London-based Ashmore Group, said it, In a recent commentary to his clients, emphasizing precisely this situation.

"Argentina's perspective is binary: if President Mauricio Macri remains in power, the economic reform program will continue on the road and the country will have the opportunity to recover economically." If the Peronist opposition assumes power, the reform program will be abandoned. and the economy will go to ruin, "



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Last time they said: “if CFK win, the isd is going to be at 20 pesos”, and MM won and now it is about 42.

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More good news on Presidential Candidates:

"The Presidential Candidate, Roberto Lavagna is registered as monotributista, category A, in Services Category. He enrolled in December 2015

Category A: Income up to $ 138,127.99 PESOS per year.? 2019 rates