Doors Within Doors Open, Big Doors Closed - What Does It Mean?


May 8, 2009
There are a number of errand-type things I need to have done (get an apt key copied, use a copy machine, etc.) and I've tried going at different times of the day (I'm still a little confused by the hours some businesses keep), and the security door of the shop is never opened (the big metal door that keeps the shop safe at night), but the little door within the door is.

What does that mean? Is it okay to go in the shop? Is that a normal way in which shops operate here? Any help would be much appreciated...
Depending where you live, for security purposes, that is the way.

If the fence (reja or cortina) is closed, but the other door is open and there's people /employees inside, just ask what you need or, maybe, if they trust you, they will let you in.
Have you tried ringing the buzzer?

Some shops only buzz in their customers so that they get a good look at you before you come in and/or they make sure that they are in the front when a customer comes in.

If the big doors are open, the little door is closed, and there's no sign that says "CERRADO"... then look for a door bell buzzer button.